A Guide to Buying Commercial Refrigerators: 4 Tips

So you’re looking to buy a commercial refrigerator. That should be a simple process, right? Just open up a catalog and pick one out. But wait a minute! Why are there so many different brands and features? And how do I know which one is the right one for my kitchen? These questions are going to come up in your mind, so in this blog post I plan on writing about four things you should look at in a commercial refrigerator. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll simplify the whole buying process as a result.

What to Look for in A Commercial Refrigerator


First of all, whenever it comes to buying a commercial cooler, brands do matter. Why do I say this? Well, think about it like this: when you buy a car, aren’t some brands going to produce better cars than other brands? And aren’t some brands more costly than other brands just because they’re well-established? As it is with cars, so it is also with commercial refrigerators. Some brands are going to have a well-established history, while others are going to be relatively new. Some brands are going to be called industry leaders, while other brands are going to be known for innovation. Bottom line: know the brand you’re buying and the quality of product they’re known for making. See True and Turboair for two of the most popular brands.

What to Look for in A Commercial Refrigerator


Second, look for a commercial refrigerator with a good warranty. There’s nothing more frustrating than having a refrigerator malfunction, but it happens to even the best of brands. That’s why looking at a brand’s warranty--the length of time and the parts covered—is an important step in the buying process. A good warranty, though, is only as good as the company’s service network. Having a good service network means that both parts and technicians are readily available for your cooler. This could potentially mean the difference between waiting a few days to have your refrigerator up and running or possibly waiting a week or more. With a good warranty and service network, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of just in case the unexpected happens.

What to Look for in A Commercial Refrigerator


Thirdly, pay close attention to both the internal and external dimensions of the refrigerator. I say this because sometimes two refrigerators can have the same exact external dimensions yet have different internal dimensions. What that means for you is that one cooler will have a larger storage capacity than the other. This might not seem to be that big of an issue, but getting the maximum amount of storage space possible is essential in the restaurant industry. A few extra square feet equals a few extra square feet to store food.

Location of the Condensing Unit

And finally, look at whether the condensing unit is top-mounted or bottom-mounted and evaluate the pros and cons of each. Generally speaking, bottom-mounted condensing units are easier to clean since they are at ground level. They also bring the bottom shelf of the cooler up to knee level instead of ground level, meaning that workers don’t have to strain their back as much to reach for foods on the bottom. A con to a bottom-mounted unit, though, is that, since they are on the bottom, there is a greater chance of dirt and debris getting into the condenser unit itself. On the other hand, a top-mounted unit will usually not collect as much debris. A con to a top-mounted unit, however, is that it places the bottom shelf a lot lower, causing workers to strain to reach food. At the end of the day, both a top-mount and a bottom-mount refrigerator have their pros and cons, but before buying a new refrigerator, it’s important to consider the advantages and disadvantages each one brings.

So I hope those four suggestions help you choose the right commercial refrigerator for your kitchen. Remember one thing, though, when you’re looking around: let your preference be the ultimate guide. By that, I mean choose what you like the most. If you like the accessories and features that come on one brand, go with that one. If you have had good success with a brand in the past, go with that one. When it's all said and done, you’re the one who has to be happy with the purchase. Let us know if you found this article helpful or not, and don't forget to share it with your friends.

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