You're looking forward to when your restaurant will be so successful you won't have to worry about old or unreliable equipment breaking down. And since you plan ahead, chances are you're wanting the best deal on an undercounter that will last.

We're proud to offer the NEO from Manitowoc because it's one of the most advanced, cost effective ice machines on the market. The NEO's display icons allow you to pause ice production, alert you of problems, and notify you when the machine is making ice and when your bin is full. Compared to older models, the NEO can make 20% more ice using less energy and up to 25% less water! Another money saver: tool-less entry for easy cleaning and fast access for preventative maintenance.

Our customers love the NEO because it's easy to setup, use, and clean, and produces plenty of ice for what they need. The NEO gets you one step closer to making your great business the greatest.