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Born in the deep south and married to a native of the sunny west coast, Daniel enjoys the great outdoors, good cooking, and learning about nearly everything in between.

Apart from spending time with his family and friends, he's wrapping up a grad degree, training to become a Chaplain in the military, trying not to break too much stuff in his fixer-upper house, and collaborating with great co-workers who bring new ideas to the table each day at Prima.

Taste of the Town - SuperChef's

Taste of the Town

What do knickknacks, superhero themed menus, and outrageously tasty gourmet breakfast have in common? Well, unless you've visited...

Check Your Order for Damage in 3 Simple Steps

Check Your Order for Damage in 3 Simple Steps

Watch this video to learn why you need to check for damage.

What is Lift Gate?

What is lift gate?

Try Before You Buy Only With Prima Supply

Try before you buy blog announcement

Let's face it - big purchases can be intimidating. What if the size is not right? What if you're disappointed by the functionality? It can feel like a bit of a gamble. Prima's new program seeks to eliminate buyer's anxiety by allowing you to test out certain equipment products for free.

Manitowoc NEO Ice Machines: 6 Reasons the Amish Might Disapprove

NEO Ice Machine Blog

This spring, a new challenge to the Amish way of life has arisen - Manitowoc’s new NEO undercounter ice makers. Here below are 6 reasons for concern. Even if you’re not Amish (and you’re probably not, since you’re online), you may want to ask - "Will the NEO ruin my soul?"

How Vulcan's Endurance Range Lives Long & Profits You

Picture of Vulcan Endurance Range

Chefs and operators throughout the nation recognize Vulcan for providing top-quality, energy efficient commercial cooking equipment that consistently produces desired results.

8 Unique Ways to Save Time, Money, and Space with Stainless Steel Tables

Stainless Steel Blog Post

What does every restaurant owner desperately need more of? Time, money, and space, of course! Here is a brief list of ways you can increase productivity, save a little more room, and keep more of the money that you work hard to earn.

The Prima Mix: The Huber Experiment in Slow Motion Food

Picture of Water Drop and The Huber Experiment

This video is all about food (a mess of food, but one mess you won't have to clean up!).

Now that’s a Bright Idea: How Manitowoc is Conserving Energy and Putting Money Back in Your Pocket

Manitowoc and Energy Conservation

In today’s blog we’re going to see how Manitowoc Ice as a company is becoming more sustainable, along with looking at their increasing line of energy saving products.

Why the Manitowoc Indigo Series Ice Maker is Taking Over the Kitchen

I-Series By Manitowoc Blog

Manitowoc's I-Series include impressive technological advancements that provide continual updates and the smarts to figure out optimal production levels for daily use. In this blog post, we’ll look at these features in-depth and explore the many options of an Indigo Series Ice Machine.

Ideas for Themed Wedding Cakes for Your Most Special Day by Michelle Lee

Themed Wedding Cakes

Guest blogger Michelle Lee from Miramare Gardens explains, "When planning a wedding, there are a great number of things that are needed to be considered, not only for the ceremony but also for the reception." Wedding cakes are essential in this decision process. Themed wedding cakes in particular are rising in popularity - check out Michelle's post as she explains the various types of themes present today.

The Evolution of Facebook and Google by David Hayden

David Hayden of Hospitality Formula Network

As many of you know, Facebook will be converting all fan pages to the timeline format on March 31, 2012. This will render obsolete many of the marketing tactics that many smart businesses and internet marketing consultants have been using for years. Along with this change comes a new set of guidelines for fan pages that will make many common marketing strategies a violation of Facebook’s terms of service.

The Prima Mix - Bill Cosby's Breakfast

Illustration of Bill Cosby

Many of us grew up watching Bill Cosby - whether is was for a stand up routine, one of his shows, or even a Jell-O commercial. But does anyone know what the guy eats for breakfast?

The Prima Mix - Appetizers, Food Art, and Dietitians

Appetizers are Yummy!!!

The Prima Mix is a series of regular blog posts that we hope will keep you informed and entertained when it comes to your knowledge of the food and restaurant industry.

Then and Now: Restaurant Commercials


Commercials show shifting cultural trends that demand a product to be a certain way. Who knows how long our current obsession with farm fresh, artisan food will last? Will we one day enjoy or even demand that all our food be processed?

The Prima Mix - Cast Iron, City Greenhouses, and One Incredible Dessert

Iron Chicken

The Prima Mix is a series of regular blog posts that we hope will keep you informed and entertained when it comes to your knowledge of the food and restaurant industry.