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Joshua Moxon dabbles in UX, SEO, and Inbound marketing as his day job and moonlights as a seminary student during his off hours.

When he is not on the internet for work or school he will often be found with a book, coffee, camera, or more likely some combination of the three.

Commercial Ice Machine Buying Guide: What Type of Ice Cubes Do I Need?

Picture for What Type of Ice Do I Need blog

Three questions for you: when you go shopping, do you just have a general idea of what you would like or what you need? Do you strongly dislike searching through 250 options to find the right product? When you get to the store and you see all of the options are you quickly overwhelmed? (seriously do I need a self-cleaning, self-timing, computer chip equipped toaster that tells me the density of the bread and the time in china? I just want something that works). If this is you then raise your hand….okay now put it down, I can’t see it anyway. But seriously there are a lot of options out there when you are looking to buy a commercial ice machine. And as frustrating as it is, there is not just one ice machine out there that will work for everyone. However, by answering a few common questions, and explaining some of the options, we will relieve a lot of that frustration and help you become an ice maker guru.

Funny, Foolish, or Effective? A Case Study of Groupons Unsubscribe Message

Picture of Groupon's Unsubscribe Page

Putting aside any feelings you may have about Groupon for a moment, and whether they have helped or harmed the restaurant industry, they know a thing or two about marketing. Which is why their unsubscribe message is an interesting case study for email marketers.

4 Killer Tips for Improving Your Social Media Workflow

Too busy for social networking

Save yourself from being buried by your social network accounts by following these four tips

Google+, Foursquare, Facebook, Twitter, Quora; so many social sites and so little time. Finding a way to efficiently manage your social presence is a must for the busy cafe and restaurant owner, yet the solution seems elusive. Check out these four tips for improving your social media efficiency.

5 Websites Everyone in the Restaurant Business Should Visit

screenshot of 5 favorite websites

There are so many bad websites in the world, here are 5 that don't stink

With billions of websites on the internet, discovering the hidden gems is quite a challenge. Here are five websites that I enjoy reading which are little oases of helpful, fun, and interesting material.

Why You Should be Energy Efficient & Community Driven: Restaurant Idea Roundup

picture be involved in your community

Cut Costs and Improve Customer Loyalty with Eco Friendly Practices

Whether or not you believe the science (or lack of science as some would argue) behind global warming, one thing is certain, many consumers are becoming eco conscientious in their buying choices. In a consumer driven society the demand for environmentally friendly products is driving manufacturers to innovation.

How to Clean Stainless Steel - Stainless Steel Council Session 2

Stainless Steel Cleaning

Welcome to the next installment of our series on stainless steel products.

Recipes, cost cutting, and legislation Oh-My! - Restaurant Idea Roundup

New Blog Series, Monthly Roundup of Ideas

If necessity is the mother of invention, than idea deprivation is the wicked stepmother that snuffs out ingenuity. In the restaurant industry necessity surrounds us, there is always a need for a new dish, ways to cut costs, stay ahead of the competition, keep up to date on what the government is doing, etc.

iPad POS Systems & Other Technology That Will Change Your Restaurant

The World is Changing

The iPad is changing the world! Okay, so not quite, but it might just change the way you take orders. With the widespread availability of the iPad and other tablet platforms, there are some great opportunities for restaurants to adopt new technology into their business model while cutting costs and improving efficiency.

7 Ways to Make Money With a Frozen Drink Machine

Yesterday we looked at whether a frozen drink machine can make money. We considered some of the costs associated with owning a frozen drink machine and discovered that frozen drinks are not only tasty but are also profitable. Today we will give you some ideas on how you can put your frozen drink machine to work. Got ideas of your own?

Can you make money with a frozen drink machine?

how to make money with a frozen drink machine

So here you are, standing on the edge, ready to make the plunge and add slushies to your store. But with a quality slushy machine like a Bunn Ultra 2 running about $2k, you wonder whether you can really make that money back in your little shop. The answer is "Heck yes!" Join us as we break down the numbers and find out how you can easily score 200% in profit.

Exciting Times At Prima

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Times are a changin, or so the saying goes.