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In 2010, Kirk discovered a previously unfound love of online marketing. PPC Advertising, Landing Page Conversion Optimization, and UX are his specialties while content development is his secret joy (since Kirk loves stories).

Kirk is the owner of KE Creative Marketing and during his off moments, enjoys spending time with his family and church, flyfishing, hiking in the mountains, or watching anything directed by J.J. Abrams (aliens are a bonus).

15 Questions You Should Ask When Buying An Ice Machine

Picture of 15 Questions About Ice Machines

If there is one thing I cannot comprehend, it is drinking lukewarm liquids. I enjoy hot liquid. I enjoy cold liquid. Unless I am to the point of death (or attempting not to offend a host who has just handed me a glass of lukewarm liquid), I refuse to drink lukewarm liquid.

Louisville Restaurant App "Menu & Hours" Has Great Promise

Restaurant Table for a Louisville restaurant

New App By Consuming Louisville Author

If you are a local Louisville restaurant, then there is something coming out of which you must be aware.

A Debate on the Domino's Pizza Self-Loathing Marketing Strategy - Part 2

The Conclusion of the Matter

half of a pizza prima restaurant equipment

This is the second and final part of the Domino's Marketing Debate going on between myself and one of our other employees here at Prima.

A Debate on the Domino's Pizza Self-Loathing Marketing Strategy - Part 1

Domino's: "Our Pizza Stinks". Good Marketing or Bad?

The Old Pizza From Dominos

As you may well be aware, Domino’s Pizza is a company that has made some drastic and gutsy marketing moves in the last couple of years. Now that there has been a little time to observe the effect this has had on the Domino’s overall market, we thought it would be interesting to discuss the possible pros and cons to doing an approach in your restaurant marketing similar to the approach they took.

Vote for Louisville in Southern Living Contest

Now granted, I have not lived in NYC or New Orleans and I'm sure that people would say the same in those cities and in any other. But one thing's for sure, Louisville might be small, but the size of its heart for local and diverse restaurants is significant. New Orleans may have us beat on the shrimp poboys and New York City might have us beat sheer number of restaurants, but I would argue that Louisville is close to the top in per capita foodies. People love their local restaurants here, and you see that by the continual growth and support for them... even through the recession.

QR Codes For Restaurants - Why They Are Your New Best Friend: Restaurant Idea Roundup

QR Codes Are Growing In Popularity & Will Prove To Be An Invaluable Tool For Restaurant Marketing

Prima Restaurant Equipment about us page QR Code

Up until recently, when a company would attempt to draw a consumer's interest to a certain product or service, it would use various channels such as newspapers, billboards, tv advertising, the internet, and many other methods. Unfortunately, one of the problems with these methods is the dreaded time in-between the interest sparked by the ad, and the conversion action taken by the consumer.

A Guide For Writing Restaurant Blogs by David Hayden: Restaurant Idea Roundup

David Hayden of Hospitality Formula Network

David Hayden is an expert on blogging and restaurants. He is the author and creator of The Hospitality Formula Network, a series of five blogs covering multiple facets of the restaurant industry. Four of his blogs were recently included in a listing the top sixty restaurant industry blogs, including two in the top ten. His first book, Tips2: Tips For Improving Your Tips, has been receiving rave reviews throughout the industry. We asked David to write about how a restaurant can better leverage its blog for success, so sit back and enjoy learning from his years of experience in this area!

Lessons For The Restaurant Industry From The Netflix Debacle

How Restaurants Can Avoid The Marketing Mistakes of Netflix

If You Want To Lose Trust From Loyal Customers, Follow the Example of Netflix

If you don't use Netflix (or perhaps live in a vacuum) then you have probably missed out on all of the excitement around its announcement on July 12 of this last year regarding its change in policy and rates. There has been much debate about whether the price change was legitimate, but what has been less-debated is the manner in which Netflix presented its changes. The social media atmosphere literally exploded over the original July announcement and many (admittedly including myself) threatened to remove or downgrade subscriptions. As a Netflix subscriber myself, as well as a marketing strategist, it has been interesting to analyze the mistakes that were made in these announcements in an attempt to avoid the same mistakes.

Top 10 Ways To Ruin Your Restaurant Website

Don't Let Your Restaurant Website Die

Here are the problems. (1) What looks good in a restaurant doesn't always look good on the web. (2) You need to consider more than just "design" on the website (sure, your personal taste in design is crazy and frightening but your food is amazing... unfortunately, no one has yet invented a way to taste food over the internet and people who are terrified -or worse, bored- by your website might never find themselves making their way into your doors to taste that amazing food). (3) The purpose of a restaurant website is primarily...

An Adwords Tutorial For Restaurant Owners: Restaurant Idea Roundup

Adwords Really CAN Work For You

Unfortunately, an improper view of advertising budgets and incorrect assumptions of how online advertising works have both aided in the false notion that Google Adwords & Microsoft AdCenter (Bing & Yahoo) are foolish business ventures for restaurants to pursue. As the PPC campaign manager here at Prima, I am a firm believer in the fact that small businesses can be very successful at personally running their own campaigns. My hope is that this blog post will aid your restaurant or cafe in this area as well. You as the owner or manager of a local, small restaurant really can work up a well thought out and successful campaign for online advertising without sacrificing hours per day. Here are six suggestions that will greatly enhance the way your Adwords/AdCenter campaigns perform:

Enhancing Customer Loyalty Through Online Channels: Restaurant Idea Roundup

hands joined in friendship

In a day of mass coupons, national chains, and $1 menus, enticing a customer to come back to your restaurant is not getting any easier.

Tasty Slushy Recipes For the Bunn Ultra-2

Since the beginning of time, Iced Drinks have been used to cool down overheated bodies in the middle of summer. Long lost cave carvings show Neanderthals dancing around downed mammoths while sipping on prehistoric slushies flavored with wild berries. Victorian style paintings artfully reflect kings and queens of the court making judgements and waving scepters while downing (generally alcoholic) "frozeneth drinkeths", as they came to be called.

Bunn Ultra 2 Slushy Machine Video

Check out this video where one of our employees, Blake, gives a brief overview on the Bunn Ultra-2 Slushy Machine and, well... enjoys some slushy in the process.

Handy Dandy Bunn Ultra Slushy Machine Buying Guide

So is the proper way to spell slushy: slushie... or slushy?

Maybe there's no true way to spell fake words. I am assuming "slushy" is an onomatopoetic word, that is, a word that is spelled out how it sounds. I.e., "BANG". So, I guess slushies go "SLUSH"... perhaps?

Grease Trap Cleaning Tips And Video

Grease Traps. We thought it might be helpful to not only show you how to purchase them, but also how to maintain them after you've purchased them. In order to do that, we thought it would be easiest to make a short video giving some tips as to how to clean them. One thing to keep in mind as you watch this, government regulations differ depending on your location. Please make sure to check all city and state regulations as things will change (time in between required cleanings, amount, information recorded, etc.).

Grease Trap & Its Parts Video

We have just recently uploaded a video giving some information on grease traps in general and on our grease traps in particular. Hope it is a benefit to you as you seek to learn more about grease traps and why they are necessary for your food establishment.

TurboAir Refrigerator + Prima = Happy Customers

Thanks to the Best Western Skyline Motor Lodge for this great picture of their Prima-purchased equipment! Props to Best Western for a quality purchase (and a good pic!;). Oh, and if you ever need a place to stay in Lakeview, Oregon, make sure to look them up!

Grease Trap Cleaning Log

Since a grease trap cleaning/maintenance log is required by law, it sure is nice when the government makes one for you. On the other hand, sometimes they don't... so we have created one for you to use.

Feel free to download, print, use, and share this cleaning log (you can find it here: Grease Trap Cleaning Log). Of course, as with all things grease trap, be sure to check up on your local regulations as some will require different times, volumes, etc. for cleaning.

"How To Set up A Prima Supply Work Table" Video

Putting together tables may be a hobby of yours... or, like the rest of us, you get confused by all of the different ways to assemble things. To aid in your purchase and assembly of our Stainless Steel Top Work Tables, we have made this short how-to video. Hopefully it is of help to you!

Vitamix Blender Comparison Guide

Vitamix comparison blog image

Machines that mix come in all shapes and sizes. Some are manual, plastic, and cost $10. Others are commercial steel, can mix 60 quarts of dough at a time, and cost $11,000. As with everything, what you buy will depend on how you need to use it. Blenders are no different. Some people prefer this brand, others prefer that brand. Some want 3 horsepower, others want 2 horsepower (others don't know what they want!). It can be quite confusing knowing what sort of blender you should buy for your bar, restaurant, coffee-shop, or home.