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Times are a changin, or so the saying goes. We at Prima Restaurant Equipment know that in order to provide great customer support we need to take advantage of the communication methods that are available to us today. We are committed to continuing to provide personalized customer service over the phone and to increasing the ways in which you can get in touch with us. So check out the many exciting ways to interact with us.

visit our facebook profile We regularly post blogs, tips, anecdotes, and other information on our Facebook Page. We will also be offering VIP specials to our fans. So take part in the discussion by visiting our Facebook Page and asking a question, sharing a success story, or offering a tip or trick that you have learned from being in the Restaurant Business

visit our twitter handle The beauty of Twitter is the ability to give out helpful information as it becomes available. Short snippets, pertinent information, and the ability to interact in real-time opens up unique opportunities for discussion. Head on over to our Twitter Profile and grab our twitter handle: @primasupply to get the latest info and join the discussion.

visit our LinkedIn profile LinkedIn, the social networking giant for businesses. By joining LinkedIn and following us you can get information on job openings here at Prima. You can also tap into the vast resources and knowleadge of thousands of proffesionals by asking a question in the answers section. We look forward to being an active part of the LinkedIn community and we hope to see you there. Start by checking out Prima Restaurant Equipment's LinkedIn Profile.

So there you have it, the times are a changin and so are we. We are also exploring other opportunities where we can take an active part in developing the restaurant equipment community. So if there is a social site that you think we should be a part of then shoot us an email or drop us a message in the comments.

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