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Video Overview | Vitamix Aerating Container Whiskey Sour Recipe


With its unique disc blade that allows for optimal air-flow, the Vitamix Aerating Container is able to create craft cocktails at the touch of a button, combining foaming, quick chilling, and proper mixing technique in one simple step. In this video, Matt Duggan pairs the Aerating Container with The Quiet One blender to make a delicious, foamed whiskey sour.

Product Maintenance | How To Change Your Vitamix Centering Pad And Isolation Gasket


If you want to keep your Vitamix in peak operating condition, regular maintenance is a must. In this video, we walk through each step involved in changing the centering pad on your Vitamix machine, and show you the simple route to replacing the isolation gasket on your Vitamix Quiet One blender.

Video Overview | Turbo Air TS Series


The Turbo air TS series comes in a refrigerator or freezer with 4 different sizes in each line. It comes standard with an over-sized refrigeration system to increase cooling efficiency, as well as a bottom mounted compressor unit to allow easier access for periodic cleaning and maintenance.

Video Overview | Westwind Prep Table Series


With its Prep Table series, Westwind provides a new line of refrigeration designed to bring you all of the standard functions and features you need in a commercial kitchen appliance but at a fraction of the cost of other brands. Since every kitchen has its own unique spatial needs, this series includes a 27”, 47”, and 60” prep table, as well as a 47” mega top table. Its stainless steel exterior makes for a quick clean up at the end of a long day, and its notched pan dividers make it easy to replenish food during a busy shift. No need to pay more for a big name brand, Westwind Prep Tables can take care of all of your refrigerated food storage and prep space needs without charging a premium.

Video Overview | Bunn MCR Coffee Brewer


The Bunn MCR single serve cartridge pourover brewer is the quickest, simplest way to ensure that your customers have tasty coffee in a moment's notice. With its small footprint and easy to use buttons, this brewer is ideal for any waiting room, break room, lounge, lobby, or anywhere you want coffee without the mess. To learn more about the Bunn MCR, watch along as Dan takes us through the straightforward process of using this handy brewer.

Video Overview | Turbo Air MST-28 Prep Table


Turbo Air's MST-28 features an oversized refrigeration system to create faster, more efficient cooling times and cold air compartment to help preserve food longer. It also comes standard with a corrosion-treated condensate system to increase efficiency as well as to prevent refrigerant leakage. All of this is housed in a stainless steel construction that will fit well in any commercial kitchen.

Product Maintenance | How To Assemble Your Bunn Ultra 2 HP


Just received your Bunn Ultra 2? A little nervous about how to assemble your new slushy machine? This video is here to help! Learn step by step with us as we walk through assembling your Bunn Ultra 2 machine.

Video Overview | Turbo Air M3F24-1 Freezer


Turbo Air's M3F24-1 comes standard with an over-sized refrigeration system designed to reduce the cooling time and deliver greater efficiency, as well as a top-mounted condensing unit to create extra storage space. It also features a digital temperature controller to make it easy to monitor and adjust the temperature and adjustable wire shelves to make it easy to customize the unit based upon the needs of the kitchen. All of this comes housed in a sleek stainless steel finish that will fit well in any commercial kitchen.

Video Overview | Turbo Air Open Display Case Series


A good display is a powerful sales pitch, and for many of your customers, seeing delicious foods on display in your store is the only convincing they need to buy. The Open Display Case Series by Turbo Air is an attractive and efficient way to turn heads towards your products.

Video Overview | Westwind Kegerator Series


The Westwind Kegerator series is designed to keep your beer cold and crisp from the first pour to the last. The standard features include a self contained drainage system, a self closing door, polyurethane insulation, and a door lock system to keep your goods secure. Available in four different models, the Kegerator series offers a range of additional features to meet your kegged beer needs, such as LED lighting, shelves, and external digital temperature control. Keep the fresh flavor of a tasty brew at your fingertips with this new line of refrigeration from Westwind.

Video Overview | Turbo Air Bottle Cooler Series


Turbo Air's Bottle Cooler Series features an oversized refrigeration to promote faster cooling times, as well as a stainless steel interior and exterior to provide a clean, durable product.

Video Overview | Vitamix Aerating Container Vinaigrette Recipe


With its unique disc blade that allows for optimal air-flow, the Vitamix Aerating Container excels at creating tight emulsions without over-processing delicate ingredients. In this video, Matt Duggan pairs the Aerating Container with the Vita Prep 3, to make a delicious emulsion: Raspberry Tarragon Vinaigrette!

Product Maintenance | How To Install Your Westwind Refrigeration Unit


Installing a new large appliance into any commercial kitchen can be tricky, so we’ve put together some tips to make your new Westwind’s installation as painless as possible. In this video, we tackle what you’ll need to know as you prepare to install your unit, including removing it from the delivery truck, accounting for its spatial needs, and ensuring that its electrical configuration is aligned with your kitchen’s capacity. Get your new Westwind settled in smoothly with these helpful tips, so it can start working for you faster, and you can get back to focusing on your bustling kitchen.

Product Maintenance | How To Use Your Bunn Ultra 2 HP Control Center


The Bunn Ultra 2 is a fantastically simple machine to own and operate. However, if more customization is what you're seeking don't be fooled, the Bunn Ultra 2 has a whole host of extra programmable functions that are accessible through the "hidden" buttons on your Command Center.

Video Overview | Westwind UnderCounter Series


The Westwind Undercounter series is the perfect solution for cold storage needs in snug spaces. These refrigeration and freezer units have a 36” clearance height so you can sneak them in under the counter to keep your ingredients within arms reach. Available in both 27” and 47” widths, they come standard with digital temperature controls, self-closing doors, and an interior aluminum lining to fight rust and tarnishing and to make cleaning a breeze.

Video Overview | Vitamix Drink Machine Advance Commercial Blender


Up to three times faster and five times more powerful than other commercial blenders, the Drink Machine Advance by Vitamix is essential to any bar for making perfectly blended frozen drinks. It features a new and improved motor with amped up horsepower, along with a larger container that’ll help you keep up when the line is long. See the Drink Machine Advance in action as Chef David Ash highlights its unique features and demonstrates its capabilities while blending up some tasty strawberries and cream.

Product Maintenance | How To Reassemble A Bunn Ultra-2 HP After Cleaning


Reassembly is a snap with the Bunn Ultra 2! So walk with us step by step as we reassemble your machine after the cleaning and drying is done.

Product Maintenance | How To Clean A Bunn Ultra 2 HP Frozen Beverage Machine


Cleaning your Bunn Ultra 2 can seem daunting and complicated. This video guide and blog are here to help! Walk through the process with us step by step as we dismantle and clean a Bunn Ultra 2.

Video Overview | Vitamix Drink Machine Two Speed Commercial Blender


Mix things up in your commercial kitchen with the Vitamix Drink Machine 2-Speed blender. Made with a new and improved thermally efficient motor, this blender can help you keep up with the rush while producing the same level of quality you expect from a Vitamix. It’s also one of the most cost-effective units on the market, so you can enjoy a top-notch blender without breaking the bank. To see it in action, watch along as Chef David Ash shares on each of its unique features, and demonstrates its powerful blending capability with a delicious fruit smoothie.

Video Overview | Vitamix Vita Prep 3 Commercial Blender


Vitamix’s Vita-Prep 3 commercial blender is designed to keep pace with your commercial kitchen, with an ample capacity for long run times and continuous use. With a powerful motor that purées, chops, and liquefies food without overheating, the Vita-Prep 3 is made to make a chef’s job easier. Ready to see it in action? Watch along as Chef David Ash highlights the features that make this blender unique, and demonstrates its capabilities while making a delicious tomato soup.


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