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Video Overview | Merrychef eikon Series Oven

The Eikon series by Merrychef lightens the workload in the kitchen by providing quality cooking capacity that won’t slow down your fast-paced restaurant. With models including the e2, e3, e4, and e5, the Eikon series offers a range of options and features, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. From the easy touch controls to the USB capabilities, this series makes it easy to produce consistently delicious dishes that'll have your guests coming back for more. To learn more about the unique features of each unit, watch along as Chef David Ash gives an in-depth overview of the Eikon series!

Video Overview | Cleveland Electric Combi Oven Steamer

Convotherm’s combi oven steamer brings flexibility and simplicity to any commercial kitchen. With its small footprint, simple operation, and easy touch controls, the combi oven steamer makes cooking a breeze, whether it’s vegetables, desserts, pizza, fish, or bread. It also features up to 250 pre-programmable recipes, to keep your dishes consistent day in and day out. Plus, you won’t have to worry about cleaning with harsh chemicals, as the combi oven steamer has a hands-free, automatic cleaning system. Watch along as David Ash shares the ins and outs of this unique oven, and find out if it’s the right fit for your restaurant!

Demystifying Stainless Steel: What You Need to Know

What You Didn’t Know About Stainless Steel

Have you ever noticed that some stainless steel is more durable than others? Turns out, stainless steel is a broader concept than many realize. Why should you know about stainless steel though? Being properly aware of what you’re investing your money into is important. We don’t want you to buy a product which is insufficient for your needs, nor do we want you to spend money on a piece of equipment which provides more protection than you really need...

Battling the Grime: How to Clean Stainless Steel

Battling Grime Header

It is an ever-present fight, the one between the restaurant owner and germs, and it doesn’t stop on the battlefront of stainless steel. There’s hope for winning this war though, all it takes is the right tools and the know-how to use them. So, gird yourself, and check out this battle plan for how to clean your stainless steel appliances.

What You Need to Start a Banana Stand (Because There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand)

What You Need to Start a Banana Stand Banner

The original frozen banana is thought to have premiered at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago, and was fairly popular. However, around the 1970’s, America’s love withered for the chocolate-dipped fruit. Within the past few years though, frozen banana stands have resurged, becoming a pretty attractive business model.

Product Comparison | Vitamix The Quiet One and Blendtec Stealth Blender

With the Vitamix Quiet One and the Blendtec Stealth, you can blend and enjoy shop talk all at the same time. Boasting customizable blend cycles, sound-dampening enclosures, and easy to use touch controls, these blenders are at the top of the discrete blending game. Discover the one that’s right for you, as Josh examines the features that set these blenders apart from each other.

A Guide to Buying Commercial Refrigerators: 4 Tips

Commercial Refrigeration Buying Guide

When it comes time to buy a new reach-in refrigerator or freezer for your business, you’ll notice there are more than a few options out there. It isn’t always easy to choose new restaurant equipment, but we’re here to help with that. Here are 4 tips for picking out just the right icebox for your kitchen.

Video Overview | Garland Sunfire Series Range

Any kitchen worth its salt is going to have a decent restaurant range fired up on its floor. A range is versatile and able to do a lot of heavy lifting, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a decent one. The Sunfire X Series gas range is a prime example. Made by the Garland Group, the Sunfire range shares critical design elements with their top-of-the-line models while sporting an entry-level price tag.

Video Overview | Garland Sunfire Series Convection Oven

Sometimes a standard oven just doesn’t cut it. Convection ovens like the Sunfire SCO elevate your baking to provide faster and more consistent results. Made by the well-known Garland Group, this oven stands on the shoulders of time-tested designs and models which have earned Garland their reputation. Available in gas or electric configurations.

Video Overview | Garland G-Series Range

A restaurant’s range sees a substantial amount of use, so it’s a good idea to invest in a quality one. Garland’s G Series range is known for its quality of production and performance alike. With a signature two-piece star-shaped burner, the G series provides very even heat distribution, while its careful design prevents contact burns. Available in multiple configurations, the G Series is a great choice for a wide range of applications.

Video Overview | Garland U.S. Range - U Series Range

A quality range is a must-have for busy kitchens. Born out of the design of Garland’s renown G Series range, the U.S. Range U Series brings high-level performance to the mid-level price range. With expert engineering and top-shelf construction, the U Series is at home in any kitchen.

Video Overview | Garland Heavy Duty Griddle

A good griddle is worth its weight in gold. After all, it drives your breakfast service; your griddle doesn’t just cook the bacon—it also brings it home. That’s why you need a dependable and high-performing unit. Garland’s heavy duty countertop griddle is both. With a heavy stainless steel construction and a 1” polished steel plate, the Garland griddle is ready to crank out breakfast day-in and day-out. Available in thermostatic-controlled or hi/lo valve-controlled models.

Video Overview | Garland Burner Design

Garland's range quality and enduring popularity is largely credited to their burner design. While they offer multiple burner options, their patented star-shaped burner really shines at the top of their line.

Video Overview | Dean SR42G 43 lb. Oil Capacity Value Gas Fryer

Dean’s Super Runner fryer is a solid option for operators who need an entry-level fryer. It’s built by the renowned Frymaster/Dean company for optimal performance and longevity at a very reasonable price point. With a tube-type frypot, snap action thermostat, and a wide cold zone, the Super Runner is ideal for a wide variety of fried foods.

Video Overview | Vitamix The Quiet One On-Counter Commercial Blender

The Quiet One by Vitamix is a heavy-hitter on the quiet blending scene. Perfect for business and home use alike, The Quiet One boasts customizable blend cycles, Vitamix's unique Advance Jar, and an easy to clean, sound-dampening enclosure for ultra-quiet blending.

Video Overview | Hoshizaki KM-151BAH 121 lbs per day Under Counter Ice Maker

Hoshizaki's Undercounter Ice Machine makes a beautiful addition to any kitchen or office space. Known for outstanding style, design, and durability, Hoshizaki delivers again with the KM-151BAH Ice Machine, which produces the same quantity of ice in about half the cycles of other ice machines. Curious to see if the KM-151BAH is the right fit for your commercial space? Watch along as Josh shares on this fantastic ice machine.

Video Overview | Hoshizaki KM Series Ice Machines

Hoshizaki has a history of making reliable machines that produce great tasting ice, and this tradition is continued in the KM Undercounter Series. The KM series ice machines also consume less water than comparable models, and features a cycle saver design that prolongs the life of each unit. Curious about the KM series? Watch along as Joshua shares on these fantastic ice machines from Hoshizaki.

Video Overview | Ice-O-Matic ICEU150 Ice Maker with Storage Bin

The Ice-O-Matic ICEU150 undercounter cube ice machine strikes a good balance between size and production rate. Its compact size makes it ideal for operators working with limited space, yet it has a respectable production rate of 185 lbs. per day. With attention to detail and a strong warranty, the ICEU150 is a compact and reliable undercounter.

This Program is Helping Restaurant Owners Save Big [INFOGRAPHIC]

Energy Star Savings and Rebates

The Energy Star symbol is a familiar sight on commercial foodservice equipment nowadays. If you're not taking advantage of these cutting edge products, you're pouring profits down the drain, my friend.

Taste of the Town - SuperChef's

Taste of the Town

What do knickknacks, superhero themed menus, and outrageously tasty gourmet breakfast have in common? Well, unless you've visited...


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