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15 Questions You Should Ask When Buying An Ice Machine

Picture of 15 Questions About Ice Machines

If there is one thing I cannot comprehend, it is drinking lukewarm liquids. I enjoy hot liquid. I enjoy cold liquid. Unless I am to the point of death (or attempting not to offend a host who has just handed me a glass of lukewarm liquid), I refuse to drink lukewarm liquid.

Don't Miss Out on Tax Savings

Tax Section 179

The clock is ticking for tax savings. Your wallet’s tight enough as a restaurant owner, so anything that’ll help save you money is welcome. With the year quickly ending, there’s one tax section you want to take advantage of before time runs out: Section 179.

Spiffy Cyber Monday Deals For You

Cyber Monday

Is all the razzmatazz of the shopping season giving you a headache? Well, here's the scoop on some clear cut Cyber Monday deals:

We're offering coupons between $25 to $50 on microwaves and coffee makers from top brands Bunn and Sharp.

Plus, we have a coupon for the Vitamix Quiet One Blender - $100 off to the first ten buyers.

As usual you get fast and free shipping straight to your door. That's pretty slick in our book; we hope you agree!

FIRSTHAND - Food Trucks: Fad or Fortune?

Food Trucks

Food Trucks - love 'em or leave 'em, it's hard to ignore the fact that these small-op, mobile restaurants are trending in popularity, especially in hip cities like NYC, Chicago, Portland, Houston, and our own Louisville. Whether you're outfitting your own truck, buying second-hand, or having one customized, a food truck offers the opportunity to be your own boss and share your passion for great food literally at street level. But are food trucks just a flash in the pan? This interview gives a quick take from one chef and former food truck operator.

Try Before You Buy Only With Prima Supply

Try before you buy blog announcement

Let's face it - big purchases can be intimidating. What if the size is not right? What if you're disappointed by the functionality? It can feel like a bit of a gamble. Prima's new program seeks to eliminate buyer's anxiety by allowing you to test out certain equipment products for free.

How to Choose a Fryer like a Boss (III)

choose fryer filtration like a boss blog

Some people may consider choosing how you will filter your fryer oil as a separate decision from choosing a fryer. But ignoring this question while fryer shopping may mean you miss out on your best options. Choose your fryer and filtration like a boss and ask yourself, "How Much Are Safety & Convenience Worth?"

How to Choose a Fryer like a Boss (II)

choose a high-efficiency or economy fryer like a boss blog

Part of choosing a fryer like a boss is to remember that a little money invested in the right equipment now may save you loads in the long run. Don't make this decision blindly. For floor model commercial deep fryers, there are three main grades you should consider: economy, production, and high-efficiency.

How to Choose a Fryer like a Boss (I)

Choose a fryer like a boss blog

Like everything else you do, you want to deliver fried fare with excellence. The first step, of course, is to choose a fryer. Over the next few blogs, we will engage three questions that will help you navigate the available options and choose a fryer like a boss.

Manitowoc NEO Ice Machines: 6 Reasons the Amish Might Disapprove

6 Reasons Ice Maker Blog

This spring, a new challenge to the Amish way of life has arisen - Manitowoc’s new NEO undercounter ice makers. Here below are 6 reasons for concern. Even if you’re not Amish (and you’re probably not, since you’re online), you may want to ask - "Will the NEO ruin my soul?"

A Promising New Year - True Expands Warranty on Entire Line

Picture of True's New Warranty Announcement

True Refrigeration rang in the New Year by extending warranties on all their products. Prior to 2013, True offered a predictable 1-year parts and labor warranty with an additional 4-year compressor guarantee. With a reputation for quality built over 65 years, True’s customers felt comfortable knowing they were buying from the best. As the multiplication of imports crowded the marketplace, however, it became clear that True would have to make their advantage more explicit. They didn’t have flashy gizmos to highlight; True has

How Vulcan's Endurance Range Lives Long & Profits You

Picture of Vulcan Endurance Range

Chefs and operators throughout the nation recognize Vulcan for providing top-quality, energy efficient commercial cooking equipment that consistently produces desired results.

Savvy Shopper? 3 Reasons Why Arctic Air Should Be On Your Radar

Picture of Arctic Air Mountain Range

So, you know the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”? Well, it seems as though Arctic Air has broken the learning curve by picking up a few new tricks in 2012. They released a revamped economy line of commercial refrigerators and freezers, which switched from a white metal exterior to stainless steel, plastic fans to metal, and cumbersome location for a

8 Unique Ways to Save Time, Money, and Space with Stainless Steel Tables

Stainless Steel Blog Post

What does every restaurant owner desperately need more of? Time, money, and space, of course! Here is a brief list of ways you can increase productivity, save a little more room, and keep more of the money that you work hard to earn.

The Prima Mix: The Huber Experiment in Slow Motion Food

Picture of Water Drop and The Huber Experiment

This video is all about food (a mess of food, but one mess you won't have to clean up!).

Now that’s a Bright Idea: How Manitowoc is Conserving Energy and Putting Money Back in Your Pocket

Manitowoc and Energy Conservation

In today’s blog we’re going to see how Manitowoc Ice as a company is becoming more sustainable, along with looking at their increasing line of energy saving products.

Why the Manitowoc Indigo Series Ice Maker is Taking Over the Kitchen

 I-Series by Manitowoc

Manitowoc's I-Series include impressive technological advancements that provide continual updates and the smarts to figure out optimal production levels for daily use. In this blog post, we’ll look at these features in-depth and explore the many options of an Indigo Series Ice Machine.

Manitowoc Q-Series Ice Machines

Q-Series Ice Machine

Manitowoc is a leading competitor for ice makers in the restaurant industry. Year in and year out, Manitowoc produces award-winning, energy-efficient ice machines. The Q-series undercounter fits this description and is one of the most popular series Manitowoc produces. If you’re looking for an undercounter ice machine, you should definitely consider one from Manitowoc, and here’s why:

Ideas for Themed Wedding Cakes for Your Most Special Day by Michelle Lee

Themed Wedding Cakes

Guest blogger Michelle Lee from Miramare Gardens explains, "When planning a wedding, there are a great number of things that are needed to be considered, not only for the ceremony but also for the reception." Wedding cakes are essential in this decision process. Themed wedding cakes in particular are rising in popularity - check out Michelle's post as she explains the various types of themes present today.


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