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An Adwords Tutorial For Restaurant Owners: Restaurant Idea Roundup

Adwords Really CAN Work For You

Unfortunately, an improper view of advertising budgets and incorrect assumptions of how online advertising works have both aided in the false notion that Google Adwords & Microsoft AdCenter (Bing & Yahoo) are foolish business ventures for restaurants to pursue. As the PPC campaign manager here at Prima, I am a firm believer in the fact that small businesses can be very successful at personally running their own campaigns. My hope is that this blog post will aid your restaurant or cafe in this area as well. You as the owner or manager of a local, small restaurant really can work up a well thought out and successful campaign for online advertising without sacrificing hours per day. Here are six suggestions that will greatly enhance the way your Adwords/AdCenter campaigns perform:

Turbo Air Company Profile

Founded in 1997, Turbo Air is a newcomer within the refrigeration industry. As such, they recognize that the only way to gain the trust of the consumer is to produce both quality and innovative products. Turbo Air has therefore invested heavily into researching new technological developments for their refrigerators and freezers. As a result, their products boast of many features that other refrigeration brands lack.

True Company History

Every story has a beginning. And the story for True Manufacturing begins in 1945, when Robert Trulaske, along with his father Frank and brother Art, decided to form a refrigeration company. At first, they produced their roll-top bottle coolers in their own garage. But, within a year, they moved their manufacturing site to a warehouse in downtown St.Louis.

Vintage True Flier

Success and Expansion

Eventually, True products would catch the eye of some beverage companies like 7Up and Pepsi, helping True gain some recognition in the refrigeration industry. As the years continued to go by, True began investing in research and development and capital expansion, and, as a result, they would go from a small family-owned company to a worldwide leader in refrigeration.

Enhancing Customer Loyalty Through Online Channels: Restaurant Idea Roundup

hands joined in friendship

In a day of mass coupons, national chains, and $1 menus, enticing a customer to come back to your restaurant is not getting any easier.

A Brief History of Refrigeration

A Brief History of Refrigeration

Believe it or not, refrigeration is a very ancient practice. Early on, people realized that storing food in cool environments actually preserved it. Thus, ancient civilizations such as the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all had techniques for storing food. One of the most common techniques shared between these groups was simply to put food in a cave or underground. The cool temperature of the cave or ground was just enough to lengthen the life of meats, fruits, and vegetables.

So Fresh and So Clean - A Guide to Cleaning Your Bunn Ultra-2 Frozen Drink Machine

Your mama always told you to clean your room. Life functions better when things are clean. We all know the proverb that "Cleanliness is next to godliness." What I'm trying to say is, cleanliness is a good thing, especially in regards to food and drink equipment. Maintaining a proper level of cleanliness for your Bunn Ultra-2 Slushy Machine is essential for the health of your customers and longevity of your machine.

Why You Should be Energy Efficient & Community Driven: Restaurant Idea Roundup

picture be involved in your community

Cut Costs and Improve Customer Loyalty with Eco Friendly Practices

Whether or not you believe the science (or lack of science as some would argue) behind global warming, one thing is certain, many consumers are becoming eco conscientious in their buying choices. In a consumer driven society the demand for environmentally friendly products is driving manufacturers to innovation.

How to Clean Stainless Steel - Stainless Steel Council Session 2

Welcome to the next installment of our series on stainless steel products.

Recipes, cost cutting, and legislation Oh-My! - Restaurant Idea Roundup

New Blog Series, Monthly Roundup of Ideas

If necessity is the mother of invention, than idea deprivation is the wicked stepmother that snuffs out ingenuity. In the restaurant industry necessity surrounds us, there is always a need for a new dish, ways to cut costs, stay ahead of the competition, keep up to date on what the government is doing, etc.

iPad POS Systems & Other Technology That Will Change Your Restaurant

The World is Changing

The iPad is changing the world! Okay, so not quite, but it might just change the way you take orders. With the widespread availability of the iPad and other tablet platforms, there are some great opportunities for restaurants to adopt new technology into their business model while cutting costs and improving efficiency.

Tasty Slushy Recipes For the Bunn Ultra-2

Since the beginning of time, Iced Drinks have been used to cool down overheated bodies in the middle of summer. Long lost cave carvings show Neanderthals dancing around downed mammoths while sipping on prehistoric slushies flavored with wild berries. Victorian style paintings artfully reflect kings and queens of the court making judgements and waving scepters while downing (generally alcoholic) "frozeneth drinkeths", as they came to be called.

Bunn Ultra 2 Slushy Machine Video

Check out this video where one of our employees, Blake, gives a brief overview on the Bunn Ultra-2 Slushy Machine and, well... enjoys some slushy in the process.

7 Ways to Make Money With a Frozen Drink Machine

Yesterday we looked at whether a frozen drink machine can make money. We considered some of the costs associated with owning a frozen drink machine and discovered that frozen drinks are not only tasty but are also profitable. Today we will give you some ideas on how you can put your frozen drink machine to work. Got ideas of your own?

Can you make money with a frozen drink machine?

how to make money with a frozen drink machine

So here you are, standing on the edge, ready to make the plunge and add slushies to your store. But with a quality slushy machine like a Bunn Ultra 2 running about $2k, you wonder whether you can really make that money back in your little shop. The answer is "Heck yes!" Join us as we break down the numbers and find out how you can easily score 200% in profit.

Exciting Times At Prima

Connect With Prima Restaurant Equipment on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social sites

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more...

Times are a changin, or so the saying goes.

Handy Dandy Bunn Ultra Slushy Machine Buying Guide

So is the proper way to spell slushy: slushie... or slushy?

Maybe there's no true way to spell fake words. I am assuming "slushy" is an onomatopoetic word, that is, a word that is spelled out how it sounds. I.e., "BANG". So, I guess slushies go "SLUSH"... perhaps?

Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, and the Bunn Ultra-2

Happy March. March 2011 is chock full of religious holidays that have grown into cultural phenomena: Ash Wednesday and St. Patrick’s Day. You might think to yourself, “I don’t think that Ash Wednesday could really be considered a cultural phenomenon.” This might be, but I’m sure you have heard of the festival that precedes Ash Wednesday – Mardi Gras. “Oh yes” you say. You have heard of it.

Grease Trap Cleaning Tips And Video

Grease Traps. We thought it might be helpful to not only show you how to purchase them, but also how to maintain them after you've purchased them. In order to do that, we thought it would be easiest to make a short video giving some tips as to how to clean them. One thing to keep in mind as you watch this, government regulations differ depending on your location. Please make sure to check all city and state regulations as things will change (time in between required cleanings, amount, information recorded, etc.).

Grease Trap & Its Parts Video

We have just recently uploaded a video giving some information on grease traps in general and on our grease traps in particular. Hope it is a benefit to you as you seek to learn more about grease traps and why they are necessary for your food establishment.

TurboAir Refrigerator + Prima = Happy Customers

Thanks to the Best Western Skyline Motor Lodge for this great picture of their Prima-purchased equipment! Props to Best Western for a quality purchase (and a good pic!;). Oh, and if you ever need a place to stay in Lakeview, Oregon, make sure to look them up!


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