Lowe Refrigeration Inc.

Since 1990, Lowe Refrigeration, Inc. has been the show appointed "Refrigeration Contractor," shipping refrigerated display cases to the major food trade shows across the United States. Their staff is always onsite to offer the technical support and service necessary to ensure the success of your display.

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Oasis I Fish Display

Lowe Refrigeration - Oasis I - Fish Display

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Oasis II Fish Display

Lowe Refrigeration - Oasis II - Fish Display

SKU: Oasis II
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Starlet Countertop Self-Serve Chiller

Lowe Refrigeration - Starlet - Countertop Self-Serve Chiller

SKU: Starlet
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4 Sided Revolving Freezer - K4T

Lowe Refrigeration - K4T - 4 Sided Revolving Freezer

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