Convotherm OGS-6.20 Combi Oven Steamer - Boilerless Gas

Convotherm OGS-6.20 combi oven

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Antimicrobial handle
Convotherm OGS-6.20 combi oven with stand and casters
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The saying goes, “Work smarter, not harder.” In your kitchen, you’ve got hard workers, but you’re always looking for ways to make the job easier. Convotherm has the perfect tool to add a little more “smart” work into your daily routine: the Convotherm combi oven.

The Convotherm 6.20 is the most versatile piece of equipment you can put in your kitchen. With 7 cooking modes--including hot air, steam, and combination--the Convotherm combi oven is well-suited for cooking a wide variety of foods. Braising meats, steaming veggies, and baking cakes are just a few of the many ways you can use it to simplify your workload. You can also oven fry with the Crisp & Tasty mode or bring dishes back to serving temperature with the Retherm mode. The work you used to do with 3 or more units can all be done in the Convotherm combi oven.

Not only is it flexible, the 6.20 also saves energy and money. The steam/air combination mode keeps food moist on the inside and brown on the outside, decreasing food shrinkage and making the most of your supply purchases. Since convection and steam are two of the most efficient heating methods, cooking times and energy consumption are reduced. If you like the idea of money in your pocket, you’re starting to see the major benefits of having a Convotherm combi oven in your kitchen.

We said that the Convotherm is smart, and the secret is in the controls. You can program up to 250 custom recipes, each with up to 20 steps. Want to cook on steam for an hour and then convection for 30 minutes? With the Convotherm, it’s only a button-push away and allows your line cooks to prepare your programmed recipes with consistency every time. The optional easyToUCH™ controls provide a sleek touchscreen interface with picture recipe selection. All of this, with smart design features like a disappearing door and antimicrobial handle, make the Convotherm one of the most advanced pieces of equipment in the foodservice industry.

With the Convotherm 6.20, you can truly work smarter, not harder. It simplifies cooking, saves you money, and streamlines your menu creation. Call Prima Supply and order one for your kitchen today!

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:

  • Versatile: With 7 cooking modes, the Convotherm can do the job of multiple units
  • Efficient: The combi oven decreases food shrinkage, cook time, and energy cost
  • Modifiable: You can program up to 250 custom recipes, each with up to 20 steps
  • Simple: Standardizes your menu for consistent results, no matter who operates it

Note: The Convotherm combi oven requires a dedicated water line. Its optional filtration system is highly recommended to keep the oven in good working condition. See below for more details.

Optional upgrades:

easyToUCH™ controls

The easyToUCH™ controls let you and your staff operate the Convotherm with an intuitive touchscreen interface. Its advanced system management pre-heats the oven faster and uses up to 25% less energy.

ConvoClean built-in cleaning system

Keep your oven in top shape with Convotherm's integrated washing system. Set the automatic cleaning when you leave for the night, and your oven is spotless when you walk in the next day. Critical for oven's longevity.

Claris water filtration system

Chemical traces in the water can hurt the oven if not filtered out, so treating your oven's water supply is essential for keeping it functioning properly. When you test your water prior to installation and order the Claris treatment system, Convotherm will extend the oven's warranty by one full year.


Standard Features

  • 7 cooking modes: Steam, Hot Air, Combination, Crisp & Tasty, Cook & Hold, Delta T slow cooking, Retherm
  • Patented Advanced Closed System monitors cooking environment
  • Eight (8) Press & Go buttons for one step recipe cooking
  • Boilerless design with steam injection system
  • Disappearing door for more aisle space and a safe kitchen
  • Recipe Library stores up to 250 custom recipes
  • 2 stage door vents steam straight up, not into operator's face
  • Antimicrobial door handle prevents bacteria build up
  • Multipoint temperature probe ensures highest accuracy
  • Auto reversing fan ensures uniform heat across oven
  • Coved corners making cleaning easy
  • Vented double pane glass door
  • Oven light made with shock resistant safety glass
  • Easy operation controls and selector dial with digital display
  • One year limited parts & labor commercial warranty
  • Natural gas comes standard; call Prima for a liquid propane model


Dimensions (LxWxH)52.26" x 43.24" x 36.82"
Weight485 lbs
Total BTU/hr75,700
Gas inlet3/4" NPT
Pan Capacity7 (20" x 26") full size wire racks7 (18 x 26") full size sheet pans
14 (13" x 18") half size sheet pans 4 (12" x 20" x 2.5") steam table pans
14 (12" x 20" x 1") steam table pans14 (12" x 20") frying baskets
Required clearances2" Rear, 4" Left, 2.5" Right
Water inlet3/4" GHT-F
Water Quality RequirementsTDS: 50-125 ppmpH Factor: 7.0-8.5
Alkalinity: 50-100 ppmFree Chlorine: < 0.1 ppm
Silica: < 13 ppmHardness: 50-100 ppm (3<6 gpg)
Chloride: < 25 ppmWater Pressure: 35-80 PSI
Drain Connection2" I.D. - No hub elbow provided
VentingExhaust hood required



The essence of Convotherm is passion. Passion for excellence, for creativity, and genuine partnership. "Convotherm - Your meal. Our mission." Convotherm brings world-class technology, user-friendly, ergonomic, hygienic design, and style to your professional commercial kitchen.