Dispense-Rite CTC-C-4RSS - 4 Cup Dispensing Cabinet with Lid/Straw Trays

Dispense-Rite CTC-C-4RSS - 4 Cup Dispensing Cabinet with Lid/Straw Trays

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Dispense-Rite CTC-C-4LSS - 4 Cup Dispensing Cabinet with Lid/Straw Trays
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This Dispense-Rite cabinet combines cup dispensers with lid dispensing chutes, and straw organizers for space-saving convenience.

The Dispense-Rite CTC-C-4RSS features four ADJ-2F One-Size-Fits-All cup dispensers which accommodate 8 oz. to 44 oz. paper, plastic, or foams cups (3 in. to 4-5/8 in. rim diameters; ounce sizes are approximate; be sure to check your cup's rim diameter size). These dispenser use an adjustment mechanism with a calibrated compression spring that ensures one at a time no-jam dispensing of each cup.

This cabinet is constructed with quality stainless steel. Its high capacity straw organizer and slanted E-Z Slide lid dispensing chutes provide easy and efficient dispensing! The CTC-C-4RSS has a quick-release mounting bracket that allows for easy adjustment and cleaning.

Cabinets are available with cup dispensers on the right or left side column of the cabinet. Fits perfectly on either side of your drink machine!

What's in the box?

  • 4 Cup Dispensing Cabinet with Lid/Straw Trays


Dispense-Rite CTC-C-4RSS
Manufacturer Dispense-Rite
Model CTC-C-4RSS
Ring Bezel 6-7/8 in. diameter
Width 13 in
Depth 23 in.
Height 32-1/4 in.
Weight 67 lbs


Over the past 50 years Dispense-Rite's quality cup dispensers have been installed in tens of thousands of locations around the world, dispensing millions of cups every year. All Dispense-Rite products are manufactured to the highest standards in design, materials and construction, ensuring product excellence and complete satisfaction.