Frymaster FPEL114C - Ultimate Oil Conserving Electric Fryer

Ultimate Oil Conserving Electric Fryer

* Image is a representation. Actual product may vary based on model, size, and options selected.

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Frymaster's FPEL114C electric fryers are the ultimate oil-conserving, high-performance fryers.

  • 30-lb. frypot with open-pot design requires 40% less oil to cook as much food as frypots almost twice its size, while using 10% less energy and producing less waste.
  • Independent frypot construction of batteries makes it easy to repair or replace a frypot while maintaining continuous operation
  • Built-in filtration with rear oil flush puts filtration where it’s most convenient to use, right in the fryer battery.
  • The open stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean.
  • Durable, self-standing, swing-up, flat-bar heating elements ensure industry-leading energy efficiency that exceeds ENERGY STAR® standards and protects against oil migration.
  • The SMART4U 3000 Controller maintains food quality, prolongs the life of the oil, and monitors performance of the machine
  • Basket hanger, fish scoop, and filter starter kit
  • COOL Mode saves energy by reducing the temperature of the oil when not in use
  • Stainless steel frypot, door and cabinet sides

*Image is a representation. Actual product may vary based on model, size, and options selected.

Manufacturer: Frymaster
Model: FPEL114C
List Price: $15,170
Width: 15.625
Depth: 31.25 in
Height: 45.375 in
Power: 208V 39 A
Weight: 255 lbs.


Frymaster has been manufacturing fryers for over 75 years now. During that time, they have become the leading supplier of commercial fryers, frying systems, water-bath rethermalizers, pasta cookers, and of the equipment related to these technologies. As a company, their goal is to provide technologically superior and reliable product designs, new products which are clearly innovative, and a superior worldwide service support system.