Garland HEEGM-36CL - 36" High Efficiency Radiant Charbroiler

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391 lbs
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Your delicious grilled steaks and seafood are the stars of your menu, and your charbroiler works ‘round the clock to make those items shine. Trouble is, that charbroiler costs you a lot of money in energy and productivity every day. Garland has the solution to your problems with their HEEGM-36CL high efficiency charbroiler. With smart design features, the HEEGM-24CL saves you money, increases your productivity, and is easy to use.

Garland’s main goal with the HEEGM-36CL is to save you money. The HEEGM uses less gas than a standard broiler and lacks a standing pilot light, so you save on energy costs right away. On top of that, the electronic sparking ignition ensures that your broiler isn’t releasing unlit gas into the kitchen. This is one broiler that won’t cost you an arm and a leg to operate.

The HEEGM-36CL is designed to maximize your output and productivity from the minute you fire it up. If you paid for a car and all they gave you was an engine, some wheels, and a horn, you probably wouldn’t be very happy. You want to use all of the parts you paid for. So why do you put up with such shenanigans when it comes to your charbroiler? Cold zones, for example, are the bane of your grilling existence. With one burner per 6 inches, the HEEGM’s entire broiler grate is more evenly heated. Say goodbye to cold zones and hello to more cooking area.

Sound good so far? Garland doesn't stop there. Ease of use is the name of the game with the HEEGM-36CL. Garland has included all the standard features of a heavy-duty broiler and then some. A simple switch operates the cast iron burners’ ignition and shut down. Each burner is equipped with a high/low valve so you can control each of the broiler’s zones independently. Cleaning is easy with removable cast iron grate sections and large drip trays, and the stainless steel front rail can accommodate ⅓ size food pans for easy access to bastes and other ingredients.

Say no to half-realized charbroiling potential. The HEEGM-36CL by Garland will keep your cost low, productivity high, and your menu’s stars shining bright. Can’t argue with that, right?

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:

  • Low energy consumption: 87,000 total BTU per hour
  • Durable construction: Cast iron burners, radiants, and top grate
  • Excellent heat distribution: 1 burner every 6 inches (6 burners total)
  • Simple operation: A single switch controls ignition and shutdown

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Please note:

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Standard Features

  • Low energy consumption: 87,000 total BTU per hour
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction with front rail cut outs for 1/3 size food pans
  • Heavy duty removable cast iron grates are reversible with one wide edge and the other narrow
  • One burner every 6 inches provides more usable cooking surface with better heat distribution
  • Ignition and power-down are controlled by a single on/off switch that controls the sparking and gas flow
  • Long-lasting cast iron burners and radiants
  • Each 14,500 BTU burner zone controlled by a single hi/lo valve
  • Large, removable grease trays
  • Broiler rack cleaning brush and scraper
  • 3/4" NPT gas regulator
  • 9 foot cord and NEMA 5-15P plug


Dimensions (WxDxH)36" x 37.25" x 17.81"
Weight391 lbs
No. of Burners6
Burner BTU14,500 Natural Gas13,000 Propane
Total BTU87,000 Natural Gas78,000 Propane
Manifold Operating Pressure (w.c./Mbar)4.5/11.2 Natural Gas10.0/25.0 Propane
Manifold Supply Pressure (w.c./Mbar)7.0/17.4 Natural Gas11.0/27.5 Propane
Frequency50-60 Hz
PlugNEMA 5-15P