Garland Sunfire SCO-GS-20S - Double Deck Gas Convection Oven

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1500 lbs
45 in
45 in
75 in


Having twice as much is good, right? Who wouldn't like twice as much money, or double the scoops of ice cream on a hot summer day? With the Sunfire SCO-GS-20S, you'll get double of something very good: cooking space. That means you'll be able to cook a greater variety or a greater quantity of food for your customers.

Each oven features five chrome plated oven racks with ten position rack guides. What this means for you is that each oven can be configured to fit a wide range of pans and dishes. Casseroles, meat dishes, pasta bakes, and even baked goods can easily be accommodated by the two ovens. Moreover, the flexibility the racks provide even allows you to set up one of the ovens for a certain set of dishes while the other is configured for something else. For instance, you can configure your top oven to be used only for baked goods and side dishes, while your bottom oven is solely used for meats. Having adjustable racks with two separate ovens provide you with complete flexibility to customize your cooking to whatever your kitchen needs.

Double the cooking space is valuable only if its backed by quality design. Sunfire has manufactured their SCO-GS-20S with features kitchens will use daily as they prepare food. Solid state controls with an electromechanical timer are included to ensure accurate temperature settings. A direct spark ignition system helps the oven fire consistently, and a ¾ HP fan in each oven pushes hot air around the unit to create a uniform cooking environment. Furthermore, the exterior of the SCO-GS-20S is made of durable stainless steel to withstand the tough demands of any kitchen.

With the SCO-GS-20S, you'll get double the cooking space and a durable product built to be a performer in your kitchen. Yeah, it might not be an extra scoop of ice cream or double the money, but it's still double of something that's very good for your kitchen.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:

  • Direct spark ignition with 100% safety shutoff
  • Single speed fan control with 3/4 HP fan motor per oven
  • 53k BTU per oven cavity
  • Stainless steel front, sides, top, and legs

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Please note:

  • You must specify type of gas and elevation when ordering.
  • Image may not represent actual product and may include optional accessories.
  • Please allow 4-7 business days for shipment. Call for details.


Standard Features

  • Five chrome plated oven racks with 10 position rack guides per oven
  • Porcelain enameled interior
  • 60/40 dependent doors

    60/40 dependent door design means two things:

    1. The width of the entire door has been divided into two doors, one taking up 60% and the other taking up 40%
    2. The two doors work in tandem with each other. When you pull open one, they both open up together, and when you close one, they both close together.
  • Solid state control with electro-mechanical timer
  • Direct spark ignition with 100% safety shutoff
  • Single speed fan control with 3/4 HP fan motor per oven
  • Stainless steel front sides, top, and legs
  • 53k BTU per oven cavity
  • One Year parts & labor commercial warranty


Total BTUs106K
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H )38" x 41 1/4" (w/Motor) x 70 1/2"
Interior Oven Dimensions (W x D x H)29" x 24" x 24"
Operating Pressure (NG)4" WC 10 MBAR
Operating Pressure (LP)10" WC 25 MBAR
Gas Inlet1" NPT