Manitowoc JCT-1500-261 Condenser

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91 lbs
33 in
33 in
33 in


Vertical Discharge Remote Condenser:

Remote, air-cooled condenser system improves efficiency and ice production, conserving energy. Manitowoc remote condenser systems effectively dissipate heat at a convenient location, indoors or outdoors, away from the ice machine. This maximizes ice-making capability and minimizes air conditioning loads by lowering the ambient air temperature at the ice machine.

This condenser is pre-charged and includes quick connect fittings for fast installation. The condenser may be installed indoors or outdoors wherever it is desirable to dissipate heat in an area of unrestricted air supply. Condenser operating range from -20F to +120F.

Remote condenser systems consist of a Q Model ice machine, ice storage bin, traditional remote condenser, and refrigerant lines.


Width:29 and 1/2" x Depth:29 and 5/32" x Height: 38" (74.93 cm x 74.06 cm x 96.52 cm). Also: Height Available in 34" and 38"

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