One Compartment Sinks - 1 Drainboard

Looking for a new prep sink? Need a one compartment sink to scrub up your potatoes or wash off your veggies and a drainboard to stack on while you finish up the rest? You've come to the right place. We offer the most affordable options on 1 compartment sinks. Integrated drainboards and coved corners on most or all of these sinks help them meet NSF certification and most local health department requirements.

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Atlantic Metalworks 1CS-181812-1L- 18x18x12 1 Drainboard 1 Bowl Sink

Atlantic Metalworks 1CS-181812-1L - 18x18x12 Economy 1 Drainboard 1 Bowl Sink

SKU: 1CS-181812-1L
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Atlantic Metalworks 1CS-162012-1L—16x20x12 Economy 1 Drainboard 1 Bowl Sink

SKU: 1CS-162012-1L
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Atlantic Metalworks - 24 x 24 x 14 Bowl - 1 Left Drainboard - 1 Compartment Sink

Atlantic Metalworks 1CS-242414-1L- 24x24x14 Bowl Economy 1 DB - 1 Comp. Sink

SKU: 1CS-242414-1L
4.2 stars, based on 9 reviews
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18x24x14 Bowl One Drainboard BK Resources 1 Compartment Sink BKS-1-1824-14-24*

BK Resources BKS-1-1824-14-24R - 1 Bowl Sink 18x24x14 1 Drainboard

SKU: BKS-1-1824-14-24R
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