Two Compartment Sinks - 2 Drainboards

A two compartment sink is a great way to double your prep sink area. And with a drainboard on either side, these two bay commercial sinks will not only double your scrub stations, but also give you that extra stacking space as you bust through cleaning fruits, veggies, or whatever else your kitchen needs prepped. Virtually all of our stainless steel sinks are NSF certified and safe for use in your restaurant, hotel, or other application.

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Atlantic Metalworks 18 x 18 x 12 Bowls - 2 Drainboards - 2 Compartment Sink

Atlantic Metalworks 2CS-181812-2 -18x18x12 2 Drainboards 2 Bowl Sink

SKU: 2CS-181812-2
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Atlantic Metalworks Sink 2CS-242414-2

Atlantic Metalworks 2CS-242414-2 - 24x24x14 2 Drainboards- 2 Bowl Sink

SKU: 2CS-242414-2
4.6 stars, based on 7 reviews
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Atlantic Metalworks 10 x 14 x 10 Bowls - 2 Compartment Sink - 2CS-101410-2

Atlantic Metalworks 2CS-101410-2 - 10x14x10 Bowls 2 Compartment Sink

SKU: 2CS-101410-2
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Atlantic Metalworks 2CS-162012-2 2 Compartment 2 Drainboard Sink

Atlantic Metalworks 2CS-162012-2 - 16 x 20 x 12 Economy 2 Compartment 2 Drainboard Sink

SKU: 2CS-162012-2
4.8 stars, based on 6 reviews
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