30in Ice Bins and Dispensers

30 inch ice bins and dispensers strike the balance between a space saving design and production capacity. At only 2 and a 1/2 feet in width, 30 inch ice bins can fit just about anywhere. The extra 8 inches in width, as compared to our 22 inch bin offerings, allows for greater flexibility in the storage capacity of available bins and dispensers. Many shops, except for the most heavily trafficked, can find a suitable solution in the 30 inch size as storage capacity rises above 600 lbs of ice depending on the model of dispenser or bin that you choose.

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180 lbs Manitowoc Model SPA-310 Ice Storage Dispenser

Manitowoc SPA-310 - 180 lbs Ice Storage Dispenser

SKU: SPA-310
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0360 lbs Hoshizaki Model B-500 Ice Storage Bin

Hoshizaki Model B-500 - 360 lbs Ice Storage Bin

SKU: B-500*F
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365 lbs Ice-O-Matic Model B40PS Ice Storage Bin

Ice-O-Matic Model B40PS - 365 lbs Ice Storage Bin

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180 lbs Manitowoc Model SFA-291 Ice Storage Dispenser

Manitowoc SFA-291 - 180 lbs Ice Storage Dispenser

SKU: SFA-291
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242 lbs Ice Storage Bin - Ice-O-Matic B25PP

Ice-O-Matic B25PP - 242 lbs Ice Storage Bin

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180 lbs Hotel Ice Dispenser - Ice-O-Matic CD40***

Ice-O-Matic CD40030 - 180 lbs Hotel Ice Dispenser

SKU: CD40030
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150 lbs Manitowoc Model B-170 Storage Bin

Manitowoc Model B-170 - 150 lbs Storage Bin

SKU: B-170
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200 lbs Ice Dispenser - Ice-O-Matic IOD200

Ice-O-Matic IOD200 - 200 lbs Ice Dispenser

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250 lbs Ice Dispenser - Ice-O-Matic IOD250

Ice-O-Matic IOD250 - 250 lbs Ice Dispenser

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