Vegetables and fruits help run your business. That's why at Prima we're committed to quality. When you're slicing, dicing and cutting some potatoes, lettuce, apples, onions, fries, or even shrimp, our choppers and cutters will work every time.

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Nemco Spiral Fry Potato Cutter

Nemco - N55050AN - Spiral Fry Potato Cutter

SKU: 55050AN
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Nemco Easy Wedger and Apple Corer

Nemco - N55550 - Easy Wedger & Apple Corer

SKU: N55550
Distributor Stock

Nemco Wall Mount Bracket

SKU: 55641
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Nemco Easy Onion Slicer II

Nemco - 56750 - Easy Onion Slicer II

SKU: 56750-
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Insinger 30VP-2 - Vegetable Peeler

SKU: 30VP-2
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Nemco Easy Juicer

Nemco - N55850 - Easy Juicer

SKU: 55850
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Insinger 50VP-2 - Vegetable Peeler

SKU: 50VP-2
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Nemco Easy Flowering Onion Cutter

Nemco - N55700 - Easy Flowering Onion Cutter

SKU: N55700
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Nemco Easy LettuceKutter

Nemco - N55650 - Easy LettuceKutter

SKU: N55650
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