Cubed Ice Makers with Bin

Cubed ice makers are favored by restaurants, drink shops, hotels, and ice retailers as they reliably kick out consistent cubes of icy goodness. Cubed ice has the advantage of slower melt times, favorable liquid displacement, and is simple and easy to make. For those looking to invest in a cubed or half cubed ice maker it is important to match it with the right kind of bin. An ice retailer will need a large bin, but can probably get away with a slower ice maker as it can run overnight to stock up for the next day. A restaurant, however, requires freshness and high speed production to keep up with the demand. As space is always tight in a kitchen, a smaller bin and a fast ice maker might be the preferable option. You can check out our commercial ice machine buying guide for more info and to help you navigate the buying process. We are always ready and willing to help you find the best cubed ice maker and bin to meet your needs, so if you are still not sure what you need after looking through our buying guide, give us a call. Our support team will be happy to assist you in selecting the perfect bin and cubed ice maker.

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