Flaked Ice Makers

Flake ice makers take a block of ice and crushes or shaves it into thin strips of ice, which gives flake ice its characteristic "softness" and makes this type of ice perfect for seafood and meat displays as the ice can be formed around the product you want to cool down. Flake ice makers are favored by those who display produce as it conforms to whatever shape is needed to evenly cover the product. Shops that serve specialty iced drinks also like this type of ice because it quickly cools drinks down to a refreshingly chilled temperature. We have a large selection of flake ice makers with varying daily outputs. When looking to purchase a flake ice maker, make sure you allow for the growth of your business. Combine it with the right ice bin and you will have a winning combination that will provide reliable flake ice for years to come. If you need help in finding the right flake ice machine then give us a call or check out our commercial ice machine buying guide blog series. Remember, you will need to purchase both a flake ice maker and an ice bin in order to have a functional unit.

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