Flaked Under Counter Ice Makers

Flaked ice is made by shaving thin strips of ice from a larger block or cylinder. As such flaked ice is recognized for being thin strips icy goodness, which are soft, easy to mold around the product you want to keep cold, and easy on the teeth. Under counter flaked ice machines are favored by those who serve iced drinks, by hospitals and those who need ice for therapeutic uses, and by those who need ice for meat and seafood displays. Storage and output capacities very so you have a wide range to choose from when looking for an under counter flaked ice machine. Make sure you know your projected use (how much you can plan on using per day) and the type of use (slow and steady or punctiliar spurts of high use). If you need help in navigating the options when choosing a flaked under counter ice maker than give us a call or check out our blog series on how to buy a commercial ice machine for some buying guidance.

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