Food Preparation Equipment & Supplies

Before food can be cooked, it has to be prepared. And in order to prepare the food, you have to have food preparation equipment. At Prima Supply, we have all sorts of food preparation equipment. From meat saws to meat slicers, from blenders to potato cutters, we have a large selection for your commercial kitchen at Prima Supply.

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TSSU-48-18M-B True 48” 18 Bin Sandwich/Salad Prep Table

True TSSU-48-18M-B - 48" 18 Bin Sandwich/Salad Prep Table

SKU: TSSU-48-18M-B
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Wells LLSC-7-120 - 7 Quart Soup Cooker and Food Warmer

Wells LLSC-7-120 - 7 Quart Soup Cooker and Food Warmer

SKU: LLSC-7-120
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Electric Counter Top Food Warmer

Duke ACTW-I - Electric Counter Top Food Warmer

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Nemco Spiral Fry Potato Cutter

Nemco - N55050AN - Spiral Fry Potato Cutter

SKU: 55050AN
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Nemco Easy Wedger and Apple Corer

Nemco - N55550 - Easy Wedger & Apple Corer

SKU: N55550
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Nemco Wall Mount Bracket

SKU: 55641
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Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer

Nemco - N55600 - Easy Tomato Slicer

SKU: N55600
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Nemco Easy Onion Slicer II

Nemco - 56750 - Easy Onion Slicer II

SKU: 56750-
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Vollrath - 40766 - 20QT Mixer Wire Whisk

SKU: 40766
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GBS-230A Turbo Air-German Knife Rib Cut Table Saw

German Knife GBS-230A - Turbo Air-Rib Cut Table Saw

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Vollrath - 40767 - 20QT Mixer Dough Hook

SKU: 40767
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Vollrath - 40744 - Meat Grinder No. 22

SKU: 40744
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GG-22 Turbo Air-German Knife Meat Grinder

German Knife GG-22 Turbo Air-Meat Grinder

SKU: GG-22
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Vollrath - 40764 - 10QT Mixer Spatula

SKU: 40764
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Vollrath 40760 - 60 Qt. Floor Mixer with Guard

SKU: 40760
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