Deep Fryers are great for fries, meats, and a variety of other foods. At Prima, we know the type of work fryers go through, which is why we are the best source for fryers that are easily maintained and include a simple cleaning process.

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American Range AF-35/50 Deep Fat Fryer - 35-50 lbs

American Range AF-35/50 - 35-50 lbs Deep Fat Fryer

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American Range AF-35/40 Deep Fat Fryer - 40 lbs.

American Range AF-35/40 - 40 lbs Deep Fat Fryer

SKU: AF-35/40
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Vollrath - 40712 - CounterTop Fryer Basket - Large

SKU: 40712
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15" Counter Top Gas Fryer - Garland Gas Designer Series

Garland GD-15F - 15" Counter Top Gas Fryer

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American Range 35-50 lbs. Deep Fryer - Range Match — AF-35/50RM

American Range AF-35/50RM - 35-50 lbs. Deep Fryer

SKU: AF-35/50RM
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30" Electric Twin Fryer - Garland Electric Designer Series

Garland ED-30FT - 30" Electric Twin Fryer

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