Glass Door Merchandising Coolers

glass door cooler

Out of sight, out of mind. Lucky for you, the opposite is also true. When you put your juices, sodas, energy drinks, and fraps on display in a new glass door merchandiser from Prima, your customers begin to notice their thirst. Stock up your display cooler with sandwiches, dips, yogurt, or other treats, and they remember they missed lunch. Your customers walk away a little bit happier; and you watch them go - a little bit richer. (Ok, maybe you're not getting rich here, but every little bit helps, right?)

Glass door merchandisers come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. Our large selection ensures you'll find one that's perfect for your convenience store, cafe, or other application. Our swing door merchandising refrigerators are our most popular coolers, but you may prefer the unobtrusiveness of a slide door merchandiser. Lower profiles and slimmer designs can be found in our countertop merchandisers or among our c-store coolers. Other options include radius-front refrigerators, wine merchandisers, and four-sided displays.

One style can't fit all. Neither can one price point. That's why Prima carries glass door merchandiser from a several key brands including True, Turbo Air, Metalfrio, and Excellence!

If all these options are intimidating, give us a call. We'll be glad to help!

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