Ice Bags and Accessories

So you have an ice maker, you have a bin, you want to sell ice, now all you need are the accessories to make your dreams come true. If you are into ice retailing you will need ice bags, and staples or twist ties. Once you have those you should check out the automatic ice bagging and dispensing systems.

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Box of 2500 Hog Ring Staples for Ice Bags

SKU: staples
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Stanley P7 Ice Bag Stapler Pliers for Hog Ring Staples

Stanley P7 Staple Pliers for Ice Bags

SKU: pliers
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Manitowoc Convenient Ice Bagger

Manitowoc K-00146 - Convenient Ice Bagger

SKU: K-00146
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Plastic Wicketed 8 Pound Ice Bag 1000 Count

The Ice Box Company BG-8 Plastic Wicketed 8 Pound Ice Bag 1000 Count

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Little Giant Condensate Pump

Little Giant Condensate Pump

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