Scullery Sinks

What is the arch nemesis of cooks in a restaurant kitchen? Tight spaces and dirty dishes! Enter free standing scullery sinks as the superhero of choice for the over crowded dish washing corner.
Steel scullery sinks help free up space in you kitchen by providing a deep sink bed and individualized compartments in which you can soak food encrusted silverware and dishes before washing. Because the compartments are thinner than a normal sink, you can keep your dirty, clean, and soaking dishes separate without taking up large amounts of floor space.
Constructed of stainless steel for durability, scullery sinks are made to withstand heavy use. The signature mark of scullery sinks is their deep bed, compartmentalized tub which allows for you to fully immerse your utensils and dishes. Choose between 1 and 4 compartments and several different depths depending to meet your unique needs & liberate some floor space today.