Work Tables & Equipment Stands

You need simple, no nonsense prep tables for your restaurant. At Prima, we offer a wide variety of work tables and equipment stands. Give your employees enough space to prepare the morning, lunch and dinner menu.

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60” x 24” Equipment Stand - EG-LG-245

Advance Tabco EG-LG-245 - 60"x24" Equipment Stand

SKU: EG-LG-245*
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24” x 24” Mixer Stand - AG-MT-242

Advance Tabco AG-MT-242 - 24"x24" Mixer Stand

SKU: AG-MT-242*
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30” x 36” Mixer Stand - AG-MT-303

Advance Tabco AG-MT-303 - 30"x36" Mixer Stand

SKU: AG-MT-303*
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24” x 24” Equipment Stand - EG-LG-242

Advance Tabco EG-LG-242 - 24"x24" Equipment Stand

SKU: EG-LG-242*
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36” x 24” Equipment Stand - EG-LG-243

Advance Tabco EG-LG-243 - 36"x24" Equipment Stand

SKU: EG-LG-243*
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48” x 24” Equipment Stand - EG-LG-244

Advance Tabco EG-LG-244 - 48"x24" Equipment Stand

SKU: EG-LG-244*
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72” x 24” Equipment Stand - EG-LG-246

Advance Tabco EG-LG-246 - 72" x 24" Equipment Stand

SKU: EG-LG-246*
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30” x 24” Mixer Stand - AG-MT-302

Advance Tabco AG-MT-302 - 30"x24" Mixer Stand

SKU: AG-MT-302*
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30” x 30” Mixer Stand - AG-MT-300

Advance Tabco AG-MT-300 - 30"x30" Mixer Stand

SKU: AG-MT-300*
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