Vollrath Mirage 7470110 or 7470140 - 7 qt. Countertop Induction Rethermalizer - Silver or Red

Vollrath 7470110 - 7 qt. Countertop Induction Rethermalizer

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Vollrath 7470110 - 7 qt. Countertop Induction Rethermalizer
Vollrath 7470110 - 7 qt. Countertop Induction Rethermalizer
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In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:

  • Induction doesn't require water for heating.
  • Unit has 3 temperature sensors and notifies the operator when the food needs to be stirred.
  • Preset temperature settings included in control panel: soup, creamy soup, chili, and mac and cheese.
  • Uses a mere 800 watts for rethermalizing and 100 to hold temperature.
  • Comes in red or silver by clicking the available options button.

Heat it up with induction

“Hot and ready to serve” is the rule of thumb for soups and chili. The trouble with traditional soup warmers is long preheating, tending to water levels, and keeping the product fresh. Vollrath set out to solve these problems and used the latest induction technology to take food warming to new heights. Their award-winning Mirage Induction Rethermalizer packs convenience, precision, and efficiency in an attractive package that will fit right into your restaurant.

Whether it’s soup, chili, or mac and cheese, Vollrath’s induction technology makes warming food faster and easier. The Mirage Induction Rethermalizer doesn't need water because it heats the soup inset directly. As you know, traditional warmers use water, which causes scaling, extra cleanup, or burning food if it's run dry. Since Vollrath doesn't use water, you won't have any of these negative side effects.

Say goodbye to burned, crusty food at the bottom of the pot. Vollrath’s included solid state controls allow you to set an exact holding temperature, protecting your food’s quality and reducing waste. Additionally, three sensors monitor the product’s temperature and alert you when it’s time to stir. All of this give you soup that’s fresh and tasty until the last drop is served. That’s real money back in your pocket!

Vollrath’s rethermalizer also saves you money with low energy consumption. Because of induction’s high efficiency, no time is wasted heating the food. This allows the unit to operate in its meager 100 watt holding mode as long as possible. That means it costs you next to nothing to keep your food hot and ready for your customers.

It’s time to kick your food warming up a notch. Vollrath’s next generation rethermalizer saves you money, simplifies your workload, and keeps your food fresher. Buy one from Prima today and join the induction revolution that’s changing the face of the foodservice industry.

What's in the box?

  • Induction unit
  • (1) Induction-ready inset
  • (1) Cover


Standard Features

  • Induction technology heats food directly and eliminates the need to use water
  • Precision temperature of induction prevents food from burning at the bottom of the pot
  • Solid state controls and bright LED readout allow user to set exact holding temperature
  • Unit is monitored by 3 temperature sensors which alert the user when it is time to stir
  • 4 presets for common foods: soup, creamy soup, chili, macaroni and cheese
  • Durable polycarbonate construction is designed to last in a commercial kitchen
  • Energy usage: 800 watts in retherm mode; 100 watts in holding mode
  • Must use included Vollrath induction ready inset
  • Easy button lock protects warming settings
  • Temperature range 100ºF to 190ºF
  • Includes cover
  • 6 foot cord and plug


7 qt. Countertop Induction Rethermalizer
Manufacturer Vollrath
SKU 74110110/74110140 7470110/7470140
Width 13.88 in. 11.88 in.
Height 13.5 in. 13.5 in.
Depth 13.88 in. 11.88 in.
Capacity 11 qt. 7 qt.
Watts 800 800
Amps 6.7 6.7
Volts 120 120
NEMA Plug 5-15 5-15
Weight 13.5 lbs. 11.56 lbs.


For over 135 years, Vollrath has been "setting the standard" for exceptional and cutting edge foodservice products. Their promise is to provide high-quality, reliable products as well as new, innovative equipment manufactured to serve their customers better. They strive to exceed their customers' expectations in the quality of their products, their competitive prices, and their excellent customer service.