Vulcan 1VK45A PowerFry Commercial Gas Fryer - 45-50 lb. Oil Capacity

Vulcan 1VK45A PowerFry Gas Fryer

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Vulcan 1VK45A PowerFry Gas Fryer
Vulcan PowerFry Side View
Vulcan PowerFry 1VK45A Open View
Vulcan solid state analog knob control
Vulcan PowerFry fry tank
Vulcan five pass uniform heat distribution
Vulcan five pass heat transfer system
French Fry comparison with good and bad oil
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Your menu’s fried foods may not be the high point of your culinary savvy, but they are a significant slice of your business. Golden fries, delectable onion blossoms, succulent cheese sticks - these simple sides can be a great complement to your finer fare. Because they are simple, fryers are regularly taken for granted and enjoy little innovation. The VK Powerfry Series is one of the few exceptions. Vulcan has engineered these marvels to decrease expense while increasing production.

The heart of the Vulcan 1VK45A is its innovative FivePass heat transfer system. With most fryers, the heated air from combustion goes through the oil once and is lost out the flue. By adding turns in the tubing, Vulcan multiplied the number of passes to five, increasing oil heat times by 25% and speeding up recovery and cook times. Moreover, because it harnesses the energy more effectively, it uses less gas. The Energy Star certified 1VK45A performs with an efficient 70,000 BTU/hr. heat input and idles at an energy-sipping 4,251 BTU/hr. By using fuel more efficiently, this fryer ensures extra money in your pocket.

Not only does the 1VK45A save on gas, but its SoftStart ignition system conserves oil as well. Heat causes oil to break down. By distributing energy more effectively and ramping gently, Vulcan achieves speed with less intense heat - extending the life of your oil. When you consider that oil is a fryer’s biggest expense, this feature alone can mean thousands in savings.

Don’t let expressions like “efficient” and “gentle” fool you. This fryer is a beast at production. Customers have reported seeing a 50% increase in production with the VK Powerfry. Buying a 1VK45A is not just a smart move from a savings standpoint; this fryer will keep you in the game on your busiest nights.

If you are shopping for an efficient and productive fryer, you should consider the Vulcan 1VK45A. Your savings will pay you back.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:

  • Fuel Efficient - With a 78% thermal efficiency, the FivePass heat transfer system reduces gas usage
  • Extends Oil Life - SoftStart ignition system and gentler heat preserves oil without sacrificing speed
  • High Performance - Customers have reported 50% increase in production as enhanced heat distribution ramps recovery and cooking times
  • Trustworthy Manufacturer - Vulcan was voted Best in Class in many hotside categories including free standing floor fryers
  • Consider Adding the Kleen Screen Plus Filter Option:

    Filtering your oil is one of the best practices to improve food quality and extend oil life. Unfortunately, because filtering manually is a messy, dangerous, and time-consuming job, it is often avoided, resulting in taste transfer and rapid oil breakdown. Vulcan’s Kleen Screen Plus built-in filtration system is an optional addition to the 1VK45D that can change that. With 3 easy steps, a 45 lb. fryer can be filtered in 2 minutes. Saving thousands of dollars in labor and oil, the Kleen Screen Plus can pay for itself within months - while helping your employees avoid an emergency room visit.

Note: This unit is only for commercial kitchens and cannot be used in a residential kitchen

Optional: Purchase an extended warranty and get 12 extra months of protection on your equipment for up to 24 months of warranty coverage from the installation date.


Standard Features

  • Electronic ignition
  • Solid state analog knob control located behind the door
  • Temperature control ranges from an accurate 200° to 390° F
  • Fat melt modes are user selectable
  • Two fry baskets with plastic-coated handles
  • Cabinet and fry tank are stainless steel
  • 45-50 lb. tank capacity
  • “V” shaped cold zone
  • 70,000 BTU/hr. heat input
  • FivePass heat transfer system yields 66% cooking and 78% thermal efficiency
  • Idles at an energy saving 4,251 BTU/hr. heat input
  • SoftStart ignition system uses less intense heat to extend life of oil
  • Full port ball type drain valve measuring 1 1/4”
  • Includes four 6” adjustable casters
  • Hi-limit shut-off
  • Includes clean-out rod and tank brush
  • One year limited parts and labor commercial warranty and 10 year limited tank warranty
  • Optional Kleen Screen Plus built in filtration system


Manufacturer: Vulcan
Fry Comp. Capacity: 45-50 lbs.
Width: 15 1/2 in
Depth: 34 3/8 in
Overall Height: 47 1/8 in
Working Height: 36 1/4 in
Weight: 196 lbs.
BTU/hr: 70,000


Vulcan has a reputation among chefs and restaurant owners for high-quality and energy-saving foodservice products that generate superior results time after time. Vulcan boasts that their equipment possesses "masterful design, precision performance, and state-of-the-art innovation," backing up their claims with a full line of exceptional gas and electric commercial cooking equipment that is among the largest in the world. Vulcan is a division of the Illinois Tool Works Food Equipment Group.