Vulcan VC44GD - Double Deck Gas Convection Oven - 100,000 BTU/HR

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928 lbs
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From baking cookies evenly to roasting a perfectly browned chicken, your double-stack convection oven is a key player. Whether you are shopping for a school, hotel, bakery, or restaurant, you want an even cook in less time and the VC44GD will deliver. The Vulcan VC44GD is engineered to deliver powerful performance efficiently.

The VC44GD maximizes heat for optimal efficiency. Some companies deliver power by jacking up their BTU input - and simultaneously your gas bill. Vulcan has focused instead on harnessing the energy better. Combining indirect and direct heating methods, this Energy Star convection oven’s heat delivery system completes a full heat exchange and transfers heat throughout the entire oven chamber. The 50,000 BTU/hr. input of each oven will prove plenty powerful, effortlessly ramping you up as high as 500°. This less-intense heat approach achieves even heat distribution - ideal for baking, roasting, and rethermalizing. The VC44GD uses the energy you are paying for more effectively for high performance.

With the VC44GD, you’ll also feel good knowing you are buying from the best. Awarded Best in Class for convection ovens in 2012, Vulcan is highly recommended by foodservice consultants. The combination of durable and reliable construction with smart engineering is a trademark of Vulcan.

For efficient and even heat distribution, the Vulcan VC44GD is a great option. Choose this gas convection oven for a better bake - each and every time.

In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:

  • Energy Efficient - 100,000 BTU/hr. total heat output and Energy Star qualified
  • Maximizes Heat - Heat delivery system uses entire oven to distribute heat evenly
  • Quality Manufacturer - Voted Best in Class for convection ovens by consultants

Vulcan VC Series Gas Convection Ovens from Vulcan Food Equipment Group on Vimeo.