• Product Maintenance | Cleaning and Maintenance of Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines

    Help your Ice-O-Matic ice machine last longer, perform better, and produce tasty ice for your customers by regularly cleaning your unit. In this video, Danielle demonstrates the simple and easy steps needed to clean your ice machine, so you'll have all the info you need to get started!

  • Product Maintenance | Cleaning and Operating Vulcan VACB Series and VCCB Series Charbroilers

    With unmatched efficiency and durability, Vulcan VACB series and VCCB series gas charbroilers are a great addition to any commercial kitchen. To keep your unit looking and performing its best, proper operation and regular cleaning is a must. Luckily, Vulcan has designed its charbroilers to be easy to use and simple to clean. Watch along for an easy to follow guide on operating and cleaning your Vulcan VACB series and VCCB series charbroilers!

  • Product Maintenance | Cleaning and Operating Vulcan 900RX Series and MSA Series Griddles

    Vulcan's 900RX series and MSA series griddles are heavy duty snap-action griddles that deliver excellent response, durability, and value in any commercial kitchen. Like any piece of equipment worth its salt, every Vulcan griddle looks and performs its best when it's being operated properly and maintained regularly. To brush up on caring for your 900RX or MSA griddle, watch along as we walk through operating and cleaning a Vulcan griddle.

  • Product Maintenance | Cleaning Your Vulcan VTEC Series Charbroiler

    When it comes to keeping your Vulcan VTEC Series Charbroiler in top operating condition, daily cleaning is a must. Luckily, cleaning your VTEC Charbroiler is straightforward and easy! Pick up a few maintenance tips and learn all you need to know about cleaning your unit in this video.

  • Product Maintenance | Cleaning Your Vulcan VCCG Series Griddle

    To keep your Vulcan Custom Chain Griddle looking and performing its best, daily cleaning is a must. Carbonized grease can inhibit the transfer of heat from the griddle's surface to the food, leaving you with unevenly prepared foods and a loss of cooking efficiency. Watch along to get all the info you need to know for cleaning the VCCG series griddles, including specialized care for steel, chrome, and Vulcan's exclusive rapid recovery composite plate griddle materials.

  • Video Overview | De-Scaling And Sanitizing In Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series Ice Makers

    When it comes to ice-machine maintenance, de-scaling and sanitizing can be a tedious, expensive, and time consuming process. Ice-O-Matic tackles this problem head-on in its Elevation Series Ice Makers, which features a one-touch system that makes routine maintenance a snap. To see this quick and easy process in action, watch along with this demonstration of the de-scaling and sanitizing system in Elevation Series Ice Makers.

  • Product Maintenance | When To Change Your Vitamix Blade Assembly

    A dull blade assembly can mean lower performance and productivity in your Vitamix blender. Yet, how can you know when it's time to swap in a new blade assembly? In this video, we talk through some of the warning signs to watch for so you can know just when to make the change. Watch along to get the scoop!

  • Product Maintenance | How To Change Your Vitamix Blade Assembly

    If you keep your Vitamix hard at work, your blade assembly will eventually need to be updated to promote peak performance. In this video, we walk through changing the blade assembly on a Vitamix container, and give a step by step narration to help you get your Vitamix updated and back to work. Note: Never handle blades with your bare hands. Remember to handle blades carefully with a protective agent such as a rag - blades are sharp!

  • Product Maintenance | When To Change Your Vitamix Drive Socket

    The drive socket is crucial to the operation of your Vitamix blender, as it drives the rotation of the blades. Since the drive socket can wear over time, regular maintenance is key. In this video we talk about some of the warning signs that indicate it's time to change your drive socket.

  • Product Maintenance | How To Change Your Vitamix Drive Socket

    Changing your Vitamix drive socket is a crucial step in keeping your blender at peak operating condition. In this video, Daniel demonstrates how to change the drive socket in your Vitamix, with an easy to follow, step by step narrative. Watch along and learn all you need to know to change your Vitamix drive socket, and get your machine back to work faster!

  • Product Maintenance | How To Change Your Vitamix Centering Pad And Isolation Gasket

    If you want to keep your Vitamix in peak operating condition, regular maintenance is a must. In this video, we walk through each step involved in changing the centering pad on your Vitamix machine, and show you the simple route to replacing the isolation gasket on your Vitamix Quiet One blender.

  • Product Maintenance | How To Assemble Your Bunn Ultra 2 HP

    Just received your Bunn Ultra 2? A little nervous about how to assemble your new slushy machine? This video is here to help! Learn step by step with us as we walk through assembling your Bunn Ultra 2 machine.

  • Product Maintenance | How To Use Your Bunn Ultra 2 HP Control Center

    The Bunn Ultra 2 is a fantastically simple machine to own and operate. However, if more customization is what you're seeking don't be fooled, the Bunn Ultra 2 has a whole host of extra programmable functions that are accessible through the "hidden" buttons on your Command Center.

  • Product Maintenance | How To Reassemble A Bunn Ultra-2 HP After Cleaning

    Reassembly is a snap with the Bunn Ultra 2! So walk with us step by step as we reassemble your machine after the cleaning and drying is done.

  • Product Maintenance | How To Clean A Bunn Ultra 2 HP Frozen Beverage Machine

    Cleaning your Bunn Ultra 2 can seem daunting and complicated. This video guide and blog are here to help! Walk through the process with us step by step as we dismantle and clean a Bunn Ultra 2.

  • Product Maintenance | How To Clean An Ice Maker

    When it comes to having pure, tasty ice, keeping your ice maker clean is a must. Over time, mold and mineral residue build up in a machine’s nooks and crannies, and can make cleaning seem like a hassle. In this video, Nik delivers a simple guide to cleaning an ice maker, and demonstrates each step from start to finish. Ready to go from moldy to clean? Watch along to find out how!

  • Gunk, Funk and Mold: A Guide to Cleaning Your Slushy Machine

    Have you ever thought about how often your Bunn Ultra-2 needs to be cleaned? Have you ever thought about how to go about cleaning your unit properly? Maybe you have, maybe you love...

  • Battling the Grime: How to Clean Stainless Steel

    It is an ever-present fight, the one between the restaurant owner and germs, and it doesn’t stop on the battlefront of stainless steel. There’s hope for winning this war though, all it takes is the right tools and the know-how to use them. So, gird yourself, and check out this battle plan for how to clean your stainless steel appliances.

  • How to Clean Stainless Steel - Stainless Steel Council Session 2

    Welcome to the next installment of our series on stainless steel products.

  • Grease Trap Cleaning Tips And Video

    Grease Traps. We thought it might be helpful to not only show you how to purchase them, but also how to maintain them after you've purchased them. In order to do that, we thought it would be easiest to make a short video giving some tips as to how to clean them. One thing to keep in mind as you watch this, government regulations differ depending on your location. Please make sure to check all city and state regulations as things will change (time in between required cleanings, amount, information recorded, etc.).

  • Grease Trap Cleaning Log
  • Can Stainless Steel Rust? Stainless Steel Council Session 1

    Around the office, we get a lot of questions about stainless steel. So the Prima Stainless Steel Council has decided to educate consumers on the finer points of commercial stainless steel products, in particular stainless steel work tables and stainless steel prep sinks.
    Today we're here to answer your questions on rust. Most think that stainless steel cannot rust. I'm here to tell you that it can but corrosion is a better word for it. It is after all steel. Steel is made of carbon. Carbon + water = oxidation or rust.