blade assembly

Picture of a Vitamix Container and Blade Assembly

Product Maintenance | When To Change Your Vitamix Blade Assembly


A dull blade assembly can mean lower performance and productivity in your Vitamix blender. Yet, how can you know when it's time to swap in a new blade assembly? In this video, we talk through some of the warning signs to watch for so you can know just when to make the change. Watch along to get the scoop!

Picture of a Vitamix container

Product Maintenance | How To Change Your Vitamix Blade Assembly


If you keep your Vitamix hard at work, your blade assembly will eventually need to be updated to promote peak performance. In this video, we walk through changing the blade assembly on a Vitamix container, and give a step by step narration to help you get your Vitamix updated and back to work. Note: Never handle blades with your bare hands. Remember to handle blades carefully with a protective agent such as a rag - blades are sharp!