Video Overview | Garland Sunfire Series Convection Oven


Hi. My name is Gerry Kinsella from the Garland Group. I'm here today, to talk to you about our Sunfire Convection Oven. This is our entry-level convection oven. It's part of the same family as the Garland MCL Convection Oven with a lot of the same characteristics. So now I'm going to talk about some of those characteristics.

Sunfire Convection oven

Garland Sunfire SCO-GS-10S Single Deck Gas Convection Oven

Direct spark ignition with safety shutoff, stainless steel front sides, top, and legs, and 53,000 BTUs. Electronic version also available

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Similar to the Garland oven, we have the extra high cavity which enables better convected heat within the oven. How we introduce the heat is, we use an in-shot corner on the bottom, and use what we call a serpentine system, which super-heats the bottom of the oven. The fan well pulls the heat in and circulates it throughout the large cavity.

And again, as I stated earlier, the large cavity enables better circulation especially with the coved corners here. So you've got the higher cavity and you've got the better circulation. Basically what this does is assists the convected heat within the oven. What convected heat does is it cooks a lot more evenly throughout the rack system.

Sunfire Convection oven

Garland Sunfire SCO-GS-20S - Double Deck Gas Convection Oven

Electronic version also available

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The doors are heavily constructed, three year warranty on the door, 60/40 dependent door, also available with a window, a two-speed motor, and a light. We also have what we call the patented Safe Door. What that does is, when I open the door to cool the oven down, the fan is now cooling the oven down. With the Garland door past this motion here, that wheel shuts off and cannot go back on until I put these doors back in here.

The reason for that being, if I have a cleaner with their fingers in the fan wheel, having switched off the unit, somebody else comes along, switches the unit on, now this operator has her fingers right in the wheel, the wheel can start again and cause a lot of injury. So again, the Garland patented door will not come past here without shutting the wheel off, therefore it's totally safe. My name is Gerry Kinsella from Garland Group. I thank you for listening today.