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Hi, my name is Josh, and I'm from Prima Supply. We're here today to talk to you about the Blendtec Stealth Ultra-Quiet Blender. Blendtec has a reputation for making some of the toughest blenders on the market, and they've added to that reputation with the Blendtec Stealth, which is now one of the quietest blenders on the market.

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Blendtec Stealth Ultra Quiet Countertop Blender

The Stealth has just the right blend of sound dampening, power, and cutting-edge technology to get the job done.

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It has a 360 degree sound enclosure to keep the sound as low as possible, since no one likes talking over noisy blenders in a cafe or a coffee shop. The Blendtec Stealth really helps with that and lets people carry on a conversation around the shop's operation.

So, the Blendtec Stealth, in addition to its sound innovations, also has an innovative capacitive touchscreen, or touch controls, which are actually really cool. Some of the nice features about it are pre-programmed touch buttons for blend cycles, and it comes with the multipurpose profile selected. There are also profiles for things like coffee, shakes, and smoothies that let you kind of easily switch between those blend cycles if you do multiple different products throughout your business day.

The Stealth also comes with a nifty touch slider for manual control. This is great for recipe creation, fine tuning your menu to your own specific needs, which you can do with the Blendtec tool online. You can hop online, create your own menu, and then upload it via USB on the side of the blender. So, it's actually a really nice feature, and really puts the control over your menu in your hands. It also lets you push out that menu to other shops and locations, simply by sending them the USB drive. They can plug it right in and have the exact same menu as your other shops. So very, very versatile, and very handy to have.

The Blendtec Stealth also has a secure blender feature, so that once those profiles and blend cycles are uploaded to your blender, no one can tamper with the settings. It makes it very, very secure and easy to keep the operation very uniform throughout the organization's locations, so it's kind of nice.

One of the other nice things about this unit is the ease of cleaning. So, to remove this sound enclosure, you just simply push off on the sides, and it comes off for simple wiping down, hand washing, and slips on easily again by putting back on. So, very simple operation and very easy to use as well.

Let's see how quiet it actually is and show you what it does best. We're going to blend a strawberry banana smoothie using the medium smoothie blend cycle that comes on the multipurpose profile when you open the box. So, we're going to switch to the pre-programmed cycles and hit four, which is the medium smoothie.

Let's start with it open so you can hear the sound with it open and closed. So, it really cuts down on the noise, makes it easy to carry on a conversation, and it keeps your customers happy while you're doing your work. It makes it easy to enjoy the actual environment every time.

So, 19 seconds later we've got a nice smoothie that was created with the Blendtec Stealth. And again, those buttons - those one touch buttons - are highly customizable and really, really easy to use.

The Blendtec Stealth comes with a three year parts and labor warranty, which is really nice. And it's a really versatile machine that works well for a lot of applications, even like your house, if you want to be able to blend daily and keep things quiet around the house, it's really nice. So, that's the Blendtec Stealth. Thanks for watching, and enjoy.