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Hi, my name's Matt Duggan, recipe development manager here at Vitamix. I'm here to introduce you today to one of our latest innovations in our commercial line, our aerating container. It features a unique display that allows you to create different textures and techniques utilizing our commercial equipment. For more information on the aerating container, please contact your Vitamix regional sales manager. Making raspberry whipped cream in our aeration container highlights a whipping technique that I'd like to show you. We'll be using our Vita-Prep 3 for this recipe.

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Vitamix 062947 Aerating Container with Disc Blade - 32 oz

Disc blade design creates dense and pourable culinary foam, flavored whipped cream, mousse, infusions, and emulsions.

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We've got a few small ingredients that go in including some cold heavy cream, granulated sugar, and whole fresh raspberries. We'll secure our lid and put it on our blending base and we'll simply go one to ten, and then high for about a quick 35 seconds using our tamper when needed to push things into the blades. And just like that we've got a nice stiff whipped cream.

Some of the advantages of why I like using the aerating container for whipped cream is that you're able to complete smaller customized batches to order in our 32-ounce container. The disc blade allows for a stiff whipped consistency while still maintaining optimal texture, not breaking everything down completely, creating a natural pop of flavor. You don't have a mess of a traditional stand mixer or the recurring cost of CO2 charges. It's the perfect texture for these tart shells.