Prima Supply Return Policy

Prima Supply: Return Policies

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Experience has shown returns can be difficult and costly when an item is purchased online, so we've designed our return process to be as simple and user friendly as possible. All products on our website fall under one of two categories: (1) Items that are governed by our No-Hassle Return Policy, (2) and items that are governed by the return policy of individual manufacturers. Please see the details of our policies below as well as our example scenarios and our FAQ.

Items Governed by Our No-Hassle Return Policy

  • Items marked with our "No-Hassle Return Guarantee" badge (eligible items) are eligible for return under our No-Hassle Return Policy.
  • You must request an RMA within 90 days of receiving your shipment and you must ship the item back to us within 5 business days of receiving your RMA number.
  • Items must be in new condition and packaged in the original manufacturer’s packaging.
  • You will receive a refund for the original purchase price as indicated on the original sales invoice, minus a 25% restocking fee. This restocking fee may be reduced at our discretion when a new order is made, for equal or greater value, at the time of the return.

Items Governed by an Individual Manufacturer's Return Policy

  • Items not marked with our “No-Hassle Return Guarantee” badge are governed by the manufacturers return policy.
  • We cannot guarantee that these products can be returned so please call us before purchasing if you have any questions.

How to Set up a Return for an item governed by our No Hassle Return Policy

Our return process is arranged in four simple steps:

  1. Contact us to setup a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Eligible items may be returned as outlined in our return policy details.
  2. Return eligible items as instructed by your customer service representative.
  3. Notify us when you have shipped the eligible items and include the name of the freight carrier and the tracking number of the return shipment.
  4. Your credit will typically be issued within 5 business days from receipt of shipment for items that are returned to our facility. For items that have to be shipped back to the manufacturer please allow 4-8 weeks for your credit to be issued. Please note: eligible items require a Return Merchandise Authorization number to receive return credit. Items without an authorization number will not receive return credit.

Here are a few examples of our return policy in action

Example 1 - A Smoothie Stand Tale

George is opening a smoothie stand and needs to buy a blender so that he can make delicious smoothies. He does his research and decides to buy the The Vita-Mix Quiet One commercial drink blender. Being a savvy, Internet shopper, George finds our website and sees that this item is backed by our No-Hassle return policy, which is indicated by the badge on our listing. Because he has done his research, George knows that this is the best online return policy that can be found. George needs his new blender quickly so he upgrades the shipping to two-day air expedited shipping and eagerly waits for it to arrive.

Unknown to George, his business partner, Michael, has already gone out and purchased an overpriced generic blender from an “all sales final” online auction. Although George would prefer to keep the Quiet One, he does not need two blenders. So, when his package arrives, George calls our customer service team to setup a return. After talking to our live, support staff and informing them that the blender is unopened and in new condition, George quickly receives his RMA number and the return shipping address. He is told that, once the item is received back into inventory, he will receive a credit for the original purchase price of the item minus a 25% restocking fee and understands that the upgraded shipping costs cannot be refunded. A short trip to UPS and a few dollars later, the blender is on its way back to our warehouse.

George watches the tracking information over the next several business days and is alerted when the package is received at our warehouse. He then checks his email and sees that we have sent him a confirmation email letting him know that we have received his return and are processing it back into our inventory. A few days later, George receives his refund enabling him to use that money to buy more bananas and ice cream as his banana smoothies are starting to take off.

Example 2 - A Freight-full Day

Sally is opening a small cafe and needs to purchase a reliable refrigerator. Having heard good things about True coolers, Sally sees that we offer a price match, free shipping, and no-hassle returns on the T-49 Commercial Solid Door Refrigerator. A little timid at making a large purchase online, she checks out our return policy and compares it with other online, restaurant-equipment websites. She sees that charging a restocking fee is standard for such a large item but is happy to see that our 25% fee is a lot lower than the 40% she has seen elsewhere. Impressed with our pricing and policies, she places her order with Prima. Since she doesn’t have a forklift or loading dock at her cafe and she does not feel like pulling a 420 lb. refrigerator off of a 4’ high truck bed, Sally purchases liftgate delivery service.

A week later, Sally’s dream is starting to take shape. Her beautiful new refrigerator is scheduled for delivery and, sure enough, it arrives that afternoon. After the driver lowers the refrigerator safely down to the ground using the lift-gate, Sally checks it over for damage before signing the delivery receipt.

Now Sally is ready to have the refrigerator installed in her cafe. That’s when she realizes her mistake. The refrigerator she purchased is a solid door model, but she needs a glass door model so the desserts will be visible to customers and staff. She calls our customer service team to set up a return. After explaining her situation and confirming that this unit is still in its original packaging, Sally is given a return merchandise authorization number and instructed to ship the cooler back to our warehouse. She is thrilled to hear that the restocking fee will be waived because she is placing a new order for the T-49G Glass Door Commercial Refrigerator. The new order is shipped out immediately and Sally is told to look for a refund within 4-8 weeks for the old order after it is received back into stock.

After talking with our customer service team, Sally calls her freight carrier and schedules a pickup with lift-gate service. A few days go by and she is alerted that the T-49 has been received back into our stock and that her refund will be processed within a few business days. Knowing that refunds can sometimes take up to 8 weeks, Sally is pleased to find out that her credit card will be refunded so quickly, freeing up funds for her other cafe supplies.

Example 3 - An Oops Moment

Harold is a successful businessman who’s looking to open his fourth deli. Always looking for the best deal, Harold finds our site and likes our price match policy and return policies, so he purchases a TCGR-59 True 59” Refrigerated Curved Glass Display Case. The price is competitive, the checkout is easy, and very quickly he has completed his purchase and moved on to other business transactions.

Before long, Harold is told by his store manager that the display case has arrived and is being installed. He stops by a few days later to check on the store’s progress and to make sure that it is ready for the pre-opening employee party that night. Unfortunately, Harold doesn’t like how the color of the unit meshes with the rest of the decor, but not wanting to delay the opening, he decides to fill it up with desserts for the party and deal with a return tomorrow.

The next day, Harold calls our service team to inquire about getting an RMA. Our customer service team asks if it has been used and if it is still in the manufacturer’s packaging. Harold, being truthful, says that it has been used once and that the original manufacturer packaging has been thrown away. Because of this our sales team informs Harold that they can’t issue a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number because the item must be new, unused, and in the manufacturer's original packaging to be returnable.

Harold recognizes his oops moment and decides that the color of the unit actually does go pretty well with the rest of the shop after all.


Will I have to pay any restocking fees?

  • A 25% restocking fee will be deducted from the return credit for items that qualify for our No-Hassle Return Policy unless another order is placed at the time of the return.

Who is responsible for return shipping costs?

  • If we ship the wrong item, we will pay to return the item and ship the correct item at no-charge, otherwise the customer is responsible for return shipping setup and costs.
  • If the item is damaged in-transit, please refer to the shipping policy for how to handle damaged products. We always encourage customers to call our office the moment damage is discovered in order to achieve the best outcome.

What about damaged and incorrect items?

  • If the item is damaged in-transit, then please refer to the shipping policy for how to handle damaged products. We always encourage customers to call our office the moment damage is discovered in order to achieve the best outcome.
  • We make every effort to ship out the right item the first time, but in the event that we ship out a wrong item we will take care of shipping the item back and shipping out the correct order right away.

Why can’t some items be returned?

  • Special-order items are not inventoried in our warehouse and must be purchased by Prima Restaurant Equipment specifically for an individual customer’s order. Given the economic impact of returning non-inventory items to stock, we do not permit returns of special-order items.
  • Items that do not have the original manufacturer packaging may not be returned as they are more likely to be damaged in shipment and are not able to be resold.
  • Items that have been used are not returnable because they cannot be resold at full price.
  • Local and Federal regulations make returns on certain items very difficult. For that reason some items may not be returnable.

Can I talk to someone about the return requirements and return-ability of an item?

  • Absolutely!We welcome any opportunity to interact with you about your unique situation. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at (888) 810-5043, or send us an email at and we will review your specific situation.

Can I cancel an order?

  • To cancel an order, please call our customer service team at (888) 810-5043. One of our customer service representatives will work with you to cancel your order.
  • Orders may not be canceled by email or web site contact form.
  • Please note: any order may be canceled before we process the order for fulfillment (i.e. before we setup the shipment or send the order to a partner for production and/or shipment). Cancellation requests made after the order is processed will be handled the same way as a return and will be governed by the indicated return policy on the product listing.

Contacting Us

There you go, that’s it, but if you have any questions regarding this return policy you may contact us using the information below.

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