4 Compartment Sinks

4 compartment sinks will more than double your employees productivity without taking up all of your space. Prima's stainless steel sinks allow you to multitask like never before while never again questioning whether you are a health risk.

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Turbo Air TSA-4-14-D2 - 4 Comp Sink 18x18x14 Bowls 2 Drainboards

SKU: TSA-4-14-D2
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Turbo Air TSA-4-D1 - 4 Comp Sink 18x18x11 Bowls 2 Drainboards

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Turbo Air TSA-4-N - 4 Comp. Sink 18x18x11 Bowls No Drainboard

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16 x 20 x 12 Bowls - 2 Drainboards - 110” Wide Regaline Sink

Advance Tabco 9-4-72-18RL - 16x20x12 Bowls 2 Drainboards 110" Wide Regaline Sink

SKU: 9-4-72-18RL
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