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Turbo Air is a company that strives to be the most esteemed refrigeration manufacturer. They seek to accomplish this goal by making quality products in an energy efficient manner, backed by excellent customer service. They recognize their customers as their employers who will be the judge of their success. Turbo Air makes every effort to give reasonable prices, being careful to be fair to suppliers, sales companies, and customers. They are dedicated to providing visually appealing products that add value to their customers' businesses. Turbo Air is always changing and improving their products to better fit the needs of their customers.

Here's the difference between Turbo air's M3 Series refrigerators and Super Deluxe models:


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49 Cu. Ft. Super Deluxe 2-Door Refrigerator - Turbo Air TSR-49SD

Turbo Air TSR-49SD - 49 Cu. Ft. 2-Door Refrigerator

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2 Door Bottle Cooler

Turbo Air TBC-50SB - 2 Door Bottle Cooler

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Turbo Air - 2 Door Bottle Cooler

Turbo Air TBC-65SB - 2 Door Bottle Cooler

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24 Cu. Ft. M3 Series 1 Door Freezer - Turbo Air M3F24-1

Turbo Air M3F24-1 - 24 Cu. Ft. 1 Door Freezer

SKU: M3F24-1
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1100W Microwave w/ Dial Timer 1.2 Cu. Ft. Interior

Turbo Air TMW-1100M - 1100M Microwave w/Dial Timer

SKU: TMW-1100M
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TSF-49SD Turbo Air - Super Deluxe 49 Cu. Ft. 2 Door Freezer

Turbo Air TSF-49SD - 49 Cu. Ft. 2- Door Freezer

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72 Cu. Ft. M3 Series 3 Door Freezer - Turbo Air MSF72-3

Turbo Air M3F72-3 - 72 Cu. Ft. 3 Door Freezer

SKU: M3F72-3
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TGF-49F Turbo Air - 49 Cu. Ft. Glass Door Freezer front view

Turbo Air TGF-49F - 49 Cu. Ft. Glass Door Freezer

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23 Cu. Ft. Super Deluxe 1-Door Freezer - Turbo Air TSF-23SD

Turbo Air TSF-23SD - 23 Cu. Ft. 1-Door Freezer

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Turbo Air TBC-50SD - 2 Door Bottle Cooler

Turbo Air TBC-50SD - 2 Door Bottle Cooler

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