While you can buy a blender at most any big box store not all blenders are created equal. Very few will hold up to the rigors of a commercial setting.  We've curated a lineup of commercial blenders and accessories that are reliable, backed by a manufacturer warranty, and are designed to withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen. Whether you are making smoothies in the front of the house and need a powerful yet quiet machine, or are making salsas and soups in the kitchen we have several options at different price points to meet your needs.

Vitamix Blenders

We chose to carry Vitamix because of their expansive lineup of blenders and mixers for food and drink preparation and service. Backed by a solid warranty and known for being reliable, Vitamix is loved by many.

Blendtec Blenders

Made famous by the "will it blend" series, Blendtec commercial blenders pack a powerful punch with their high horsepower motors backed by a lifetime warranty on the motor drive socket.

Waring Blender & Mixers

Waring has long been a trusted name with an expansive line of food preparation equipment. If you are looking for a high horsepower blender with glass or stainless steel container options then Waring is our go to brand.

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