Equipment Stands

Equipment stands that wobble and break are literally taking your time and money. Investing in one of Prima's many equipment stands will keep your microwaves, mixers, supplies, machines and other such things safe and sound.

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Atlantic Metalworks 30" x 36" Equipment Stand

Atlantic Metalworks EST-3036-S - 30" x 36" Economy Equipment Stand

SKU: EST-3036-S
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Atlantic Metalworks 30" x 18" Equipment Stand

Atlantic Metalworks EST-3018-S - 30" x 18" Equipment Stand

SKU: EST-3018-S
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Atlantic Metalworks 30" x 15" Equipment Stand

Atlantic Metalworks EST-3015-S - 30x15 Equipment Stand

SKU: EST-3015-S
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Atlantic Metalworks 30" x 60" Equipment Stand EST-3024-S

Atlantic Metalworks EST-3060-S - 30x60 Economy Equipment Stand

SKU: EST-3060-S
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Atlantic Metalworks 30" x 72" Equipment Stand

Atlantic Metalworks EST-3072-S - 30" x 72" Economy Equipment Stand

SKU: EST-3072-S
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60” x 24” Equipment Stand - EG-LG-245

Advance Tabco EG-LG-245 - 60"x24" Equipment Stand

SKU: EG-LG-245*
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24” x 24” Mixer Stand - AG-MT-242

Advance Tabco AG-MT-242 - 24"x24" Mixer Stand

SKU: AG-MT-242*
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30” x 36” Mixer Stand - AG-MT-303

Advance Tabco AG-MT-303 - 30"x36" Mixer Stand

SKU: AG-MT-303*
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24” x 24” Equipment Stand - EG-LG-242

Advance Tabco EG-LG-242 - 24"x24" Equipment Stand

SKU: EG-LG-242*
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36” x 24” Equipment Stand - EG-LG-243

Advance Tabco EG-LG-243 - 36"x24" Equipment Stand

SKU: EG-LG-243*
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48” x 24” Equipment Stand - EG-LG-244

Advance Tabco EG-LG-244 - 48"x24" Equipment Stand

SKU: EG-LG-244*
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72” x 24” Equipment Stand - EG-LG-246

Advance Tabco EG-LG-246 - 72" x 24" Equipment Stand

SKU: EG-LG-246*
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30” x 24” Mixer Stand - AG-MT-302

Advance Tabco AG-MT-302 - 30"x24" Mixer Stand

SKU: AG-MT-302*
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30” x 30” Mixer Stand - AG-MT-300

Advance Tabco AG-MT-300 - 30"x30" Mixer Stand

SKU: AG-MT-300*
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