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Undercounter Coolers

When you're laying out your shop, two of the most important factors are accessibility and space efficiency. If you've got a coffee shop, you usually want a cooler near your baristas' workspace for milk drinks and cold brew. If you're running a deli, you may want to keep cheese, sour cream, and other toppings cool under a soup station. Whatever your application, an undercounter refrigerator is convenient for maximizing your refrigerated space and putting your cold goods at your fingertips where an upright refrigerator just wouldn't fit.

Undercounter refrigerators usually don't need many features. You just want a cooler that will last...and last...and last. That's why we're proud to carry quality undercounter coolers from leading manufacturers like True and Turbo Air. We work hard to give you the lowest prices on these top brands, but if you need something a bit more affordable, we also carry some great economy, undercounter fridges.

In addition to coming in a wide range of sizes, many of our undercounter refrigerators are available as ADA compliant or low profile models. Whether you are looking for a drawered undercounter or a half-size cooler with standard swing doors, we can get you a refrigerator you'll love. If you need help, give us a call. We'd love to talk to you!