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Shop by category for you favorite food service and restaurant equipment. Whether you need a popcorn machine for your concession stand, or a refrigerator and display case for your deli, we have the equipment you need for your price point and specifications.

Display merchandisers are an essential part of any restaurant or grocery store. Whether you need a display merchandiser for baked goods, ice cream... Display Merchandisers
Before food can be cooked, it has to be prepared. And in order to prepare the food, you have to have food preparation equipment. At Prima Supply, we... Food Preparation Equipment
Customers want drinks, both hot and cold, and restaurants need to have the right equipment to satisfy the demands of their customers. Whether you're... Bar and Beverage Equipment
Walk-in freezers and coolers provide restaurants with a very large area to store goods. At Prima Supply, we carry many different sizes of walk-in... Walk-in Coolers/Freezers
Smallwares are essential to the day in and day out operations of any kitchen. Knives, pans, and pots are used numerous times a day to prepare food... Smallwares
Extra supplies, not to mention clean supplies, keep your business running. Prima's janitorial and utility supplies are sure to meet your restaurant... Janitorial & Utility
We have no idea what we would do without refrigeration! Whatever it is we're sure it wouldn't be pretty. At Prima Supply, we carry an assortment of... Self Contained Refrigeration
Try opening a restaurant or coffee shop without ice. It's not going to happen. We need our drinks and we want them to be packed with ice cubes.... Ice Maker Machines
Hot dogs, nachos, snow cones—all are typical foods you would find at a fair or amusement park or craved during a high school football or basketball... Concessions
How can a restaurant function without cooking equipment? The answer is that it can't. Whether you need ranges, ovens, microwaves, or any type of... Cooking Equipment
Every restaurant needs sinks, tables, and places for storage. At Prima Supply, we carry a wide array of sinks, tables, and storage units to meet... Sinks | Tables | Storage
Unless your restaurant has an unlimited amount of paper plates and cups, then you're going to need something to wash all the dishes your customers... Dishwashers & Warewashers