Faucets - Lead Free

If you want stay within code and keep your customers safe, then we think you'll like our faucets.

We offer lead free sink and pre-rinse faucets from top brands. Containing less than 0.25 percent lead, these faucets ensure you comply with new lead free standards from the NSF (which requires less than 0.25 percent lead for potable uses). When you purchase one, you get a quality product with a great warranty at a competitive price.

What makes a lead free faucet so useful for you as a restaurant owner is that it certifies you conform to the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act. Since these faucets achieve the requirements of NSF 61 Annex G, you are guaranteed to have the right faucet holding to the right standards for your restaurant, cafe, or any commercial food application.

With a fast checkout process and free shipping, these faucets won't carry away all your cash. The sooner you replace your faucets, the sooner you won't have to worry about them. Check out what's in stock below and order today.

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