Summer Sale on Commercial Slushy Machines!

glass door cooler

Looking to step up your frozen drink game? Whether you are adding slushies to your line up or expanding your beverage offerings, you already know how profitable these little beasts can be. Sure, you'll be turning a crazy profit on each drink, but don't underestimate all the add-on sales as well. Neighborhood kids dropping in to sip a slushy need some candy as well. Your blue collar crew, dropping in to slake their thirst with Cola slushies, grab some beer and pretzels for the game later. The key is getting them in your door - and a nice beverage that cures both heat and thirst is just the ticket.

Of course, here we are assuming we know what you'll use your slushy machine for. But we've been selling frozen drink dispensers long enough to know that it's not only C-stores shopping for a new high performance Bunn Ultra 2. A variety of shops have learned the power of the slushy. Schools, churches, businesses, and community organizations have all discovered that these beauties can be the perfect promo or perk, whether featured at periodic events or set up for continual use. Bunn's Ultra 2 in particular is so popular that individuals regularly buy it simply for personal enjoyment and entertaining! And who can blame them? What better way to treat your guests (and yourself) than serving up frozen margaritas, daiquiris, or other granita drinks? Whatever your intention, we are confident you will love your new Bunn Ultra 2 HP or other frozen beverage dispenser. Cheers!