Vollrath 59500P - Mirage Pro Countertop Induction Range 1800W

Vollrath 59500P Countertop Induction Range

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10 Benefits to Vollrath's Mirage Pro

  1. Four IGBT switches quadruple your power, putting more precise control in your hands with Vollrath's 59500P Mirage Pro Portable Induction Range Hot Top.
  2. Piggybacking off the first benefit, you get 90% energy efficiency compared to about 50% efficiency from an electric or gas range, meaning way less runaway BTUs needlessly heating up the kitchen instead of your food.
  3. 100 power levels. Why is that good for you? The power settings will adjust the intensity at which your food gets heated. Think of the high to low knob on your current range. With the Pro, you can adjust from high to low across a spectrum of 100 and keep the temperature exactly where you want it. So, bring your water to a boil in less than 3 minutes for your pasta dinner, but then make dessert by slowly melting some chocolate and holding its warm temp without using a double boiler. That, friends, is good engineering.
  4. The Mirage Pro's light (less than 13lbs) and slim design (3" tall, and 14" by 15 1/4") make it practical for catering, transporting from one spot in your kitchen to another, and easy storage.
  5. All levels and settings are bench tested before shipping out, meaning what you see is what you get straight out of the box.
  6. This induction range includes over-heat protection, small-article detection, pan auto-detection, empty-pan shut-off, and a safety auto-shutoff. Let's say you forget about that sauce you were warming, or an employee leaves a utensil on the range, or you fired it up but left an empty pan on the cooking surface. Thankfully, when these things happen the Pro will simply shut off - a relief for you in a fast paced kitchen!
  7. It's light, but the 18 gauge steel casing protects your range from an accidental drop, occasional spills, and the normal wear and tear of every day life. And, its ceramic glass top was made specifically to resist scratching, denting, and staining while remaining easy to wipe clean.
  8. Setting temps between 80 to 525 degrees Fahrenheit allow you to cook a wide variety of food products at a precise simmer or a rapid boil.
  9. A standard 120V 5-15R plug with a 6' cord makes front of house cooking as easy as possible.
  10. Their full two year parts and labor warranty helps ease the buying anxiety you might have.

*You must use these ranges with induction-ready pots and pans (magnetic metal, like iron or steel).

Vollrath induction ranges are quickly becoming the leading choice for performance and dependability. Vollrath customers demand the best, and key features make our induction ranges ideal for the most demanding commercial applications. This high-efficiency, commercial drop-in induction range is designed for use in commercial kitchens and front-of-the-house cooking.


Simple & Slim :: Practical & Portable

  • Cutting-edge dial control with high speed power and temperature level adjustment.
  • Bright LED digital readout.
  • Temperature memory - powers up to the last used temperature setting.
  • Low-profile case provides more natural cooking height.
  • Smart component placement means cord and fans are located under the top case assembly for improved appearance.
  • 360-degree design looks appealing on both operator and customer sides.
  • Tough stainless steel case with 100% framed ceramic top for durability.
  • 100% factory bench tested for ultimate quality control.
  • Compact and mobile.
  • High efficiency 90%+. Much more efficient than butane induction.
  • 3000w to 3500w Power.
  • 1 to 100 control settings.
  • Two year warranty.

Safety Features:

  • Over-heat protection
  • Small-article detection
  • Pan auto-detection function
  • Empty-pan shut-off


Manufacturer: Vollrath
Model: 59500P
Width: 14"
Depth: 15 1/4"
Height: 3"
Voltage: 120 volts
Weight: 12.75lbs.


For over 135 years, Vollrath has been "setting the standard" for exceptional and cutting edge foodservice products. Their promise is to provide high-quality, reliable products as well as new, innovative equipment manufactured to serve their customers better. They strive to exceed their customers' expectations in the quality of their products, their competitive prices, and their excellent customer service.