5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Westwind

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Westwind

You might have noticed that we recently introduced a new line of refrigeration--Westwind. At first glance, these new refrigeration units seem appealing especially when compared to the cost of other units. But understandably as you think about it some more, you become more cautious about buying a new brand, knowing that your refrigeration unit is the backbone of any commercial kitchen. You might be asking yourself, why should I not go with an option from one of the more well-known manufacturers? Here are 5 reasons why we here at Prima think you should give Westwind a chance.

1. Durable and Attractive Construction

Westwind Logo All Westwind refrigeration units feature stainless steel exteriors. The stainless steel exteriors are durable and are made to withstand the abuse of a commercial kitchen. Furthermore, the stainless steel found on Westwind units are easy to clean, which helps ensure that your refrigeration units stay attractive.

On the inside, aluminum is the feature material. While some companies pump up the merits of a stainless steel interior, aluminum is a fine material for a refrigeration unit. It is naturally corrosion resistant, which is why acidic beverages like Coca-Cola is packaged in aluminum cans. Westwind is also not alone in utilizing aluminum in the interior of their refrigeration units. Other commercial refrigeration manufacturers still utilize aluminum for their interiors. And more importantly, the savings from using aluminum are passed onto you!

2. Extras Come Standard

Westwind comes packed with numerous, convenient standard features. For instance, many of Westwind’s units feature digital temperature controls, allowing you to easily monitor your temperature, and when necessary, adjust quickly.

Another standard feature found on Westwind’s glass door merchandisers are LED lights. The trouble of having to constantly change bulbs in your refrigerator will be a thing of the past as LED lights will last for many years of usage. Additionally, LED lighting runs cooler and more efficiently than traditional bulbs or fluorescent lights while illuminating more brightly and evenly, providing a more eye-catching display.

Also found on many Westwind refrigeration units are self-closing/lock-open doors. The self-closing feature helps you conserve energy and maintain temperature throughout the day. And when it is necessary to keep the doors open for an extended period, such as for loading numerous amounts of product, you can simply push the door until the lock engages. Additionally, the doors on Westwind units also feature locks to help secure your goods overnight.

The list of extras included on Westwind units continues with pre-installed casters. Casters can be an added expense as well as an added hassle when trying to install them yourself on a several hundred pound refrigerator. But on numerous Westwind refrigeration units, these problems are eliminated. Once the shipping materials are removed, you can easily maneuver your unit to its desired location.

Westwind WR23 Stainless Steel Door Refrigerator

Durable. Feature Packed. Cost Effective.

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Feature Product

3. Tested and Certified

Remember the popular hoverboards that almost everyone was clamoring to purchase not too long ago? And how many of those products burst into flames, leading to warnings and many retailers banning the sale of them? Many of these hoverboards were cheap copies of an original and were not designed well, leading to many well-documented problems.

But Westwind units are not just cheap copies of other commercial refrigeration units. You can purchase with peace of mind knowing that Westwind refrigeration units adhere to the same safety and sanitation standards that other manufacturers do. These refrigeration units bear ETL and ETL Sanitation marks, meaning they have been tested, investigated, and comply with standards set forth by UL and NSF.

4. Comprehensive Warranty

On the rare occasion where your unit might require service (or in the unlikely event that your fridge explodes like a cheap hoverboard), Westwind will have you covered. Westwind backs all their units with a 1 year warranty from the date of shipment, and the compressor is covered by a 5 year warranty. This allows you to have peace of mind when ordering a fridge.

However, what if you want to build a commercial kitchen in your home or put a kegerator in your mancave? With Westwind, you can! Residential use will not void your warranty. Pursue your dream kitchen or mancave worry free!

Westwind WDD2 2 Keg Direct Draw Dispenser Kegerator

Durable. Feature Packed. Cost Effective.

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5. Priced to Save

Refrigeration purchases are certain to take up a large part of any restaurant, cafe, or c-store’s budget. But Westwind has priced their equipment to help you save up to 30% as compared with units from leading manufacturers. With the money you save, you could upgrade other equipment, or even buy an additional refrigeration unit to ensure you have enough capacity to grow!

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