A Promising New Year - True Expands Warranty on Entire Line

Picture of True's New Warranty Announcement

True Refrigeration rang in the New Year by extending warranties on all their products. Prior to 2013, True offered a predictable 1-year parts and labor warranty with an additional 4-year compressor guarantee. With a reputation for quality built over 65 years, True’s customers felt comfortable knowing they were buying from the best. As the multiplication of imports crowded the marketplace, however, it became clear that True would have to make their advantage more explicit. They didn’t have flashy gizmos to highlight; True has focused on the fundamentals in refrigeration. They couldn’t undercut the imports on price; True wanted to continue using quality components and supporting American jobs. What True did have was reliability - and reliability will always have a market.

Starting in 2013, True is putting a promise on that reliability with the extension of their warranty to 3-years parts and labor coverage on their entire line of equipment. This is complemented by the already generous 5-year compressor warranty. Together, they stand as True’s promise to the customer - a promise of value, a promise of reliability, a promise of quality. So, here’s to a new value in the New Year with a new warranty from True.

Of course, standard, inexpensive wear parts such as light bulbs and door gaskets are not covered by the warranty. For more information, see True's full warranty statement.

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